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The Clintons and health care: It was their issue, their passion and their failure in the '90s. This time around, both President and Secretary Clinton worked behind the scenes to get it done, giving pep talks and campaign speeches and, in Hillary's case, calling one stubborn Democrat as the clock ticked down to Sunday's vote.

It ended with a hug, Hillary Clinton's arms thrown out exuberantly to congratulate President Obama once the bill passed. The White House made sure to snap a picture and posted it online. But Hillary, and even Bill, were kept out of the spotlight for nearly all of the debate.

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Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) released the following statement today about acts of vandalism in her district. Here's the full text: "There were two events in my district during the last week that were alarming to me and I have reported them to the proper authorities. There was a brick thrown through my Niagara Falls district office and a voice mail referencing snipers that was left on the answering machine of my campaign office. The U.S. Capitol Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police departments are all aware of these incidents and are still investigating.

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The DSCC had strong words for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who issued a press statement today taking credit for a provision of the health care bill about charity hospitals he authored.

"Chuck Grassley has been in Washington for too long if he thinks Iowans did not notice his strenuous, strident, and spirited opposition to health care reform," DSCC spokesperson Eric Schultz said in a statement. "This is someone who did everything he could to stop the bill, but now thinks it is worth touting."

A Grassley spokesperson told me that those criticizing Grassley's press release today are making much ado about nothing.

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The Louisiana Democrats released a snarky little statement today, calling out Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), who has introduced a health care amendment to the try to prevent states from providing drugs like Viagra to convicted sex offenders.

Said the Dems of Coburn: "Surely he would agree that anyone who has admitted or been found guilty of involvement with prostitution should not be covered either."

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The new survey of Ohio by Public Policy Polling (D) gives Republican Senate candidate Rob Portman a narrow lead in the race for the open seat of retiring GOP Sen. George Voinovich. But more importantly, a lot will ultimately ride on President Obama's popularity or lack thereof in November -- and as of right now, Obama is not doing too well in Ohio.

The poll of registered voters finds that Portman, a former Congressman and ex-Bush administration official, leads Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher by 41%-36%, and has a statistically insignificant edge of 38%-37% over Dem Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, with a ±3.9% margin of error.

The TPM Poll Average currently gives Portman a lead of 40.8%-37.2% over Fisher, and a lead of 40.9%-37.9% over Brunner.

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We reported earlier that Senate Republicans this week are blocking committee hearings from taking place, and Sen. Claire McCaskill this afternoon excoriated the GOP for "taking game playing to a whole new level."

McCaskill (D-MO) had to cancel a hearing she'd had planned about police contracting in Afghanistan. She said the hearing was to examine a "very important" element of the war, and detailed the top officials expected to participate.

She asked the chamber, "So what do I find out this morning? The Republican Party is not going to let us have the hearing? What in the world?"

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Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) is taking off the gloves in his Senate primary against former state House Speaker Marco Rubio, with a new ad seeking to damage Rubio's conservative hero image.

"We thought he was different. Ideologically pure," an announcer says. But instead, we are told that Rubio is just another insider: "Rubio was a registered lobbyist. His income skyrocketed while his power increased."

The TPM Poll Average currently gives Rubio a lead of 58.2%-28.3%, after he came from way behind by attacking Crist's support for President Obama's 2009 stimulus bill.

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