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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is a candidate for President and a tax attorney, as she is fond of saying. Her website describes her experience as "five years as a federal tax litigation attorney, working on hundreds of civil and criminal cases." However, that fact didn't seem to help her in on the campaign trail in Iowa on Saturday.

The Des Moines Register reports that Bachmann, speaking at a campaign appearance in Ottumwa, said "The average amount of taxes that the average family (paid) was 5 percent overall," in 1950, as way of saying that the tax burden in America has gone through the roof.

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Rick Perry may take time off from the packed debate circuit ahead of the start of primary voting, but that break won’t come until after November, according to the AP:

Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan told The Associated Press on Saturday that the Republican candidate will attend all of the debates currently scheduled in November as well as a Dec. 1 debate in Arizona.

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A New York Times opinion column from Joe Nocera out on Saturday tells the story of last year's Halloween Party at the law firm called Steven J. Baum, a practice outside Buffalo that the column refers to as a "foreclosure mill." The firm thought that they would celebrate last Halloween by throwing a homeless-themed party, complete with the staff dressing costumes that made them look destitute and signs describing the various faux problems their characters had. One sign seems to read "Will Worke For Food [sic]" and photos show part of an office named "Baum Estates."

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Herman Cain's lack of foreign policy knowledge has had him in hot water before. Since he hit frontrunner status he's been dinged for mocking "Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan" and suggesting he might free every prisoner in Guantanamo Bay in exchange for one U.S. soldier.

Earlier in the campaign, before he had frontrunner status and its resulting scrutiny, the former CEO was asked about the Israel-Palestine "right of return" issue. This is one of the red lines in mid-east diplomacy, with the Israeli stance being that the prospect of opening the door to Palestinians displaced in the 1947-48 fighting should not even be negotiated. Cain rather put his foot in it when he was quizzed about the issue on Fox News and - clearly unfamiliar with the subject - he tried to dodge it by saying, "that should be an issue for negotiation."

Cain's clearly been swotting up on his mid-east knowledge since then, and a recent choice of words suggests he may have been dipping into some fairly controversial sources.

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In a carefully worded statement Thursday, President Obama applauded the news out of Europe.

"We welcome the important decisions made last night by the European Union which lay a critical foundation for a comprehensive solution to the Eurozone crisis," Obama said. "We look forward to the full development and rapid implementation of their plan. We will continue to support the EU and our European allies in their efforts to address this crisis as we work together to sustain the global recovery and put our people back to work."

If you're a U.S. political news junkie you probably missed this. And now that you're reading it here, you may be wondering why the President of the U.S. is commenting at all about something called the "Eurozone crisis."

Here's why.

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Well, this is one way to win the message war.

Fox News is on a roll with their latest round of polling -- the news network has been releasing bits of data over the week, and on Friday they came out with some new gems. Those crazy kids braving the cold in Zuccatti Park certainly are something.....but what exactly? Fox wanted to find out, so they asked the following question: "How concerned are you that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations will eventually turn into street riots?"

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Thailand has asked U.S. officials to survey the country’s floods, which have claimed more than 300 lives and are threatening the capital of Bangkok, the BBC reports.

See pictures of the country’s worst flooding in 50 years here.

If there's been one winner in the election cycle so far, it's the brains behind "Bad Lip Reading." They've created viral sensations by making Rick Perry look like he's saying "Save a pretzel for the gas jets," and have put the words "Your momma's pudgy; face it" in Mitt Romney's mouth.

But the consensus in the TPM office is that their latest one - on Herman Cain - is their best yet. Watch below:

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