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Via a New York State reader, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is sending out campaign mailers marked as "Important Tax Information" in official-looking envelopes.

The envelopes are marked "Important Tax Information Enclosed - Do Not Discard." Inside is a card which lists a long "Taxpayer ID Number."

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Scott McAdams, the Democratic nominee in the three-way Alaska Senate race, has a new flyer that humorously refers to his weight.

"I'm Twice the Man Joe Miller is (literally)," the flyer says in its heading, and then adding: "And probably three or four Lisas."

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The TPM Poll Average gives Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski the lead with 40.4% for her nearly unprecedented write-in campaign, GOP nominee Joe Miller 29.5%, and McAdams 23.1%.

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The new Marist poll of Colorado gives Republican Ken Buck a narrow lead in the Senate race against appointed Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. Meanwhile, Democrat John Hickenlooper continues to lead American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo in the gubernatorial race, aided by vote-splitting from the beleaguered spoiler Republican nominee Dan Maes.

In the Senate race: Buck 49%, Bennet 45%. In the previous Marist poll from a month ago, Buck led by a stronger margin of 50%-42%. The TPM Poll Average for the Senate race gives Buck 48.0%, Bennet 45.5%.

In the gubernatorial race: Hickenlooper 47%, Tancredo 42%, Maes 5%. In the previous Marist poll from a month ago, Hickenlooper had 48%, Tancredo 29%, and Maes 19%. The TPM Poll Average for the gubernatorial race gives Hickenlooper 47.1%, Tancredo 42.1%, and Maes 6.9%.

The survey of likely voters has a ±4% margin of error.

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There are probably better ways to inspire confidence in a candidate's prospects when he's in free fall than to call him a lost cause. But that's exactly what Sarah Palin did to one of her favorite tea partiers last night.

"Joe Miller - do not give up. It's you against the machine. This is it. 'Lost causes' are the only ones worth fighting for,'" Palin tweeted, quoting famed Scopes Monkey Trial attorney Clarence Darrow.

It seems unlikely that Palin is aware that Darrow was a big wig at the American Civil Liberties Union given her penchant for scoffing at...civil liberties. And one wonders whether Palin knows that, in the Scopes trial, Darrow defended John Scopes, who violated Tennessee law by teaching evolution. But there you have it.

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Two new polls of the Pennsylvania Senate race both put Republican Pat Toomey ahead of Democrat Joe Sestak, but by very different margins, and with different levels of undecided voters.

The new Marist poll: Toomey 52%, Sestak 45%. The survey of likely voters has a ±5% margin of error. In the previous Marist poll from a month ago, Toomey led by 51%-42%.

In today's Muhlenberg daily tracking poll: Toomey 45%, Sestak 43%. In yesterday's tracking poll -- which overlaps this one by three days out of the four-day sample -- Toomey's lead was a stronger 47%-42%. The survey of likely voters has a ±4.5% margin of error.

The TPM Poll Average gives Toomey a lead of 48.0%-43.6%.

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Republican congressional candidate Tom Ganley is obliquely threatening to sue his opponent -- Rep. Betty Sutton of Ohio's 13th district -- and the rest of the Democratic Party after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment.

I have reason to believe the vile lies against me have been carefully orchestrated by Betty Sutton, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I will be meeting with my attorneys this weekend to see if legal action can be filed for the Democrats' efforts to derail my campaign and ruin my reputation.

Before Ganley concocted that explanation for the rash of sex crimes he's been accused of, House Minority John Boehner put Ganley on the list of candidates he'd be campaigning with this weekend.

Obama Blasts Republicans: 'We Need To Put This Kind Of Partisanship Aside' After Election In this weekend's YouTube address, President Obama spoke of Tuesday's elections, and said that the parties must work together afterwards for the whole country. And he criticized Republican leaders for language indicating that they would not work on compromise with the White House, but instead attempt to accomplish his defeat in 2012.

"It may not always be easy to find agreement; at times we'll have legitimate philosophical differences. And it may not always be the best politics. But it is the right thing to do for our country," said Obama. "That's why I found the recent comments by the top two Republican in Congress so troubling. The Republican leader of the House actually said that 'this is not the time for compromise.' And the Republican leader of the Senate said his main goal after this election is simply to win the next one. I know that we're in the final days of a campaign. So it's not surprising that we're seeing this heated rhetoric. That's politics. But when the ballots are cast and the voting is done, we need to put this kind of partisanship aside - win, lose, or draw."

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