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Speaking on Fox News on Monday morning, Herman Cain denied politically explosive sexual harassment charges stemming from a Politico story last night, but he did acknowledge that he was "falsely accused" during his 1990s tenure at the National Restaurant Association.

"It is totally baseless and totally false," Cain said.

Cain also declared that any other potential future charges against him and his campaign would be "trumped-up allegations" and "nothing else."

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Boeing on Monday announced it has struck a deal to lease an old NASA Space Shuttle hangar to build its new commercial crew capsule, CST-100, aiming to create 550 jobs by the time the facility is scheduled to be at full operations in 2015, a minor economic boost to an area that NASA estimates has suffered 4,000 job losses since 2009, when NASA began preparing to retire the space shuttle, according to the Associated Press.

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Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, prompted by a caller named Natalie, called for the occupation of Politico on Monday.

“You’re saying Occupy Politico,” Ingraham responded to Natalie. “They’re occupying Wall Street, we need [an] I got it.”

Ingraham went on to criticize the website for publishing the story, claiming that they are “destroying a good man’s reputation.”

We don’t know who’ll be facing President Obama in next year’s one-on-one Presidential Debates. But we do now know when those debates will be held.

The National Journal reports that the Commission on Presidential Debates – a bipartisan entity – has laid down the following:

Oct. 3: University of Denver, Denver, Colo. Oct. 11 (vice presidential debate): Centre College, Danville, Ky. Oct. 16: Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y. Oct. 22: Lynn University, Boca Raton, Fla

An effort by Wisconsin Republicans to make things harder for Democrats in any potential new state Senate recalls in the coming year appears to be out of the running -- with state Sen. Dale Schultz, a moderate Republican who holds a key swing vote in the 17-16 chamber, announcing that he will vote against the measure.

The Associated Press reports that Schultz will vote against a bill that would make new recalls apply under the newly-redrawn districts -- which were passed as part of a Republican-friendly map, following a GOP takeover of state government in 2010 -- instead of the older districts:

Schultz says he opposes it because he feels voters who elected him should have the say on whether he is recalled.

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Jon Corzine is having a rough couple years.

MF Global Holdings Ltd., the brokerage firm run by the former New Jersey Governor, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, multiple news outlets have reported.

Corzine, who was defeated for reelection in 2009, has helmed the brokerage firm since March of 2010.

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Donald Trump called in to Fox & Friends on Monday morning, as he often does when the mood strikes him. The occasion on this particular day was the recent sexual harassment allegations against GOP candidate Herman Cain.

The business mogul was quick to defend Cain, pointing out that people often settle such “baseless” suits simply to avoid legal fees.

“So they settle it on the basis that it’s a lot cheaper and quicker and no publicity, no nothing and they settle it and then it ends up blowing up in his face,” Trump said. “I think it’s very, very unfair.”

Trump stopped short of saying he believed that the accusations were false, however, instead stating: “I don’t know if they’re true.”

Closing out his National Press Club appearance in Washington on Monday, presidential candidate Herman Cain was asked to sing any song he liked to the audience by the moderator. Cain chose ‘He Looked Beyond My Faults’ by Dottie Rambo and roused the audience to their feet when he finished. Happy Halloween everybody.