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Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) in a lengthy memo to House Republicans laid out areas of potential compromise with President Obama's jobs bill and even thanked the White House at one point for beginning to back away from an "all or nothing approach" to passing it.

"For the sake of 14 million Americans who are currently unemployed and the more than 4 million who have been unemployed for more than a year, we are pleased that the White House has begun to back away from that extreme," Boehner wrote in the letter sent late Friday afternoon.

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The FBI may or may not have psychological profiles of certain members of Anonymous -- but they definitely won't be found in this document, which has been making the rounds online lately.

An FBI spokesman speaking to Threat Post debunked the idea that the report originated from its training academy in Quantico, Virginia, as the fake document maintains.

The document was first "leaked" on Friday, September 8 by an Anonymous Tumblr account and Twitter. It circulated around the web, although most were quick to point out that it is replete with typos, grammar errors and other copy errors unbefitting of an actual FBI report.

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As quickly as the Republican presidential candidates are distancing themselves from the most memorable moment at Monday's CNN/Tea Party Express debate, progressive groups are working to make sure it doesn't fall down the memory hole.

On Friday, MoveOn fired up a powerful new rapid response campaign aimed at tying the GOP candidates to the members of the debate crowd who cheered the idea of letting an uninsured man die rather than provide him with goverment-funded care.

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The James Webb Space Telescope -NASA's overbudget, delayed successor to the Hubble Space Telescope- will see the light of day the stars after all in 2018, if all goes according to plan, thanks to a lifeline thrown out to it by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

A detailed report on the 2012 science budget resolution released by its Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Friday clarified that although NASA's overall budget is slated to be slashed by 2.8 percent in 2012 (from $18.5 billion to $17.9,) the agency will actually receive even more money that it asked for specifically to continue building the giant, infrared orbital telescope.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has spoken publicly on the apparent investigation of former aides from his time as Milwaukee County Executive -- saying that he does not know any of the details.

"We don't know what exactly is involved," Walker told the Associated Press on Friday, when asked at an unrelated event in Milwaukee.

He also added: "Until we know, obviously it's a concern but again, I don't know any more details than what I've seen reported in the media outlets around the state."

The "John Doe" investigation -- a secret proceeding in which witnesses can be subpoenaed to testify under oath, but are forbidden from talking publicly about the case -- is reported to have originally stemmed from a staffer resigning in 2010, when she was found using her county time to post reader comments on online newspaper article promoting Walker's gubernatorial candidacy and criticizing his opponents.

While Rick Perry has been touting his record of creating jobs in Texas as a key reason he'd make a great president, it turns out employment numbers aren't so peachy in his homestate either.

NBC's Michael Isikoff reports that the Texas unemployment rate "increased to 8.5% in August -- the highest level in more than 24 years and more than twice the rate when Perry took office in December 2000."

That's still below the 9.1 percent average nationwide. But remember how the latest national figures showed zero job growth? Well Perry's Texas lost territory, shedding 1,300 in August. The private sector added 8,100 jobs, but the public sector lost 9,400.

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Some members of the hactivist collective Anonymous announced late Thursday on Twitter that they're adding a new tool to their online arsenal.

The new tool, simply called #Ref#Ref, alludes to the way that the script works. It exploits a vulnerability in servers that causes the servers to refresh over and over again in rapid succession until the server freezes or crashes.

One Anonymous member described it this way: "Imagine giving a large beast a simple carrot, [and then] watching the beast choke itself to death."

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Ever since Labor Day, President Obama has been engaged in the always transparent-but-nonetheless-necessary quadrennial game of presidents pretending events aren't campaign-oriented or politically motivated when they undoubtedly are.

On Thursday White House spokesman Jay Carney was pummeled with questions about whether the President's trip next week to a crumbling bridge a stone's throw from Speaker John Boehner's Ohio district is politically motivated, especially considering that the bridge connects Cincinnati to northern Kentucky, home to none other than the Senate's Republican leader, Mitch McConnell.

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Mitt Romney took an interesting step in his ongoing efforts to marginalize Rick Perry as too right-wing to be elected. During an appearance Thursday on CNN, Romney disagreed with Perry calling President Obama a "socialist" -- the dreaded label that countless Republicans have used ever since the 2008 election.

Wolf Blitzer played an audio clip of Perry saying the Obama administration policies were, "on its face, socialism," and asked Romney whether he agreed with that.

"Well, you know, words have a lot of unintended meanings," said Romney. "And calling people socialists probably goes beyond the fact that -- it is true that President Obama's team, and the president himself, seem to believe that government has a better approach to our economy than does the private sector.

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