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Former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, in reaction to Herman Cain calling former Speaker of the House Pelosi “princess Nancy”, tweeted this:

@DanaPerino: Ay yi yi, former Speaker Pelosi called a princess in the debate? Not fair. We may disagree on policy, but she earned the Speaker title.

Herman Cain gave an unusual, derogatory nickname to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in referring to her time as Speaker of the House in the previous Congress.

Cain said that House Republicans already had a health care reform proposal in the last Congress, but it went nowhere “because Princess Nancy sent it to committee,” and it did not make it out of there.

The nickname for Pelosi generated applause from the audience.

The moderators question Newt over having been a consultant for Freddie and Fannie. Newt takes great umbrage, saying all he did was “offer them advice on precisely what they didn’t do.”

“I have never done any lobbying,” he continues. “I offered my advice. I walked in as an historian… and I said ‘this is a bubble, this is insane, this is impossible.’”

This is a full transcript of his follow-up:

“No. I have never done that. I assume I get a second question. I have never done any lobbying. Every contractor was written during the period I was out of the office. Specifically said I would do no lobbying. I offered advice. My advice is historian when they walked in and said we are now making loans to people that have no credit history. And have no record of paying back anything but that’s what the government wants us to do. I said at the time, this is a bubble. This is insane. This is impossible. It turned out unfortunately i was right and the people who were doing exactly what congressman bachmann talked about were wrong. I think it is a good case for breaking up fannie mae and freddie mac and getting much smaller institutions back into the private sector to be competitive and to be responsible for their behavior. cain, fannie mae and freddie mac, congresswoman bachmann said now underwrite or guarantee 90% of the home financing in this country. What would you do with these — fannie mae and freddie mac? Would you shut them down even though it could mean higher interest rates for america? Does it make harder than it is right now for americans to get home loans?”

Asked about how to improve the housing market, Newt Gingrich gives a fairly incoherent answer about Dodd-Frank that seems to suggest we should bring back the dodgy loans that led to the chaos in the first place.

However, Romney suddenly becomes quite passionate on the issue. First, he says his jobs plan doesn’t have any housing references in it because “it’s not a housing plan; it’s a jobs plan.” That gets cheers from the audience.

“The best thing you can do for housing is to get the economy going again. The things the speaker just indicated are excellent ideas as well,” he continues.

“What we know won’t work is what this president has done: to hold off the market and put in place policies that prevent this economy from going.”

Then he comes to his peroration:

“Markets work. When you have government play its heavy hand, things blow up.”

Remember Rick Perry? Mitt Romney? Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and the rest? They're still alive, and they're still running for president. And in just a few hours they're going to get some serious screen presence for the first time since Politico blew up Herman Cain's world and pushed everyone else off the map.

That's right: it's time for another Republican primary debate.

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Michele Bachmann says one of Obama’s problems is that David Axelrod is really in charge: “He should be going to job creators if he wants to know how to create jobs. Instead he continues to go to a General Axelrod in Chicago to look for his orders to figure out how to deal with the economy.”

It's difficult to be a dictator when your party is the legislative minority in one chamber and your opponents' main tactic is basically to block all your proposed legislation. However, Ron Paul still thinks that President Obama has exercised dictatorial powers.

The Texan congressman appeared on Fox Business yesterday and warned that President Obama's use of executive orders "brings the modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship."

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Cain is asked about the 999 plan. “How do you make sure it doesn’t become 19 19 19?”

“Tax codes do not raise taxes,” he replies. “Politicians do.” He continues, saying that the American people will “hold their feet to the fire. The American people are gonna hold the rates at 9.”