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Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is writing a memoir, the Miami Herald reports.

“I’d like to tell a little bit about my upbringing, and how my upbringing has led me to some of the policy conclusions I’ve reached,” he told the paper. “And I’d like to tell about the campaign, my time in the Legislature.”

Apple has confirmed what everybody in the consumer gadget press already thought to be true: The company is making an iPhone announcement at its Cupertino, California, headquarters on October 4 at 10 am PT.

David Axelrod on Tuesday acknowledged that President Obama’s reelection bid will be a “titanic struggle.”

But, Axelrod said, “I Firmly believe we are on the right side of the struggle.”

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Well, Ohio Gov. John Kasich's approval rating has moved up a little since the earlier days of his administration when he introduced his initiative to curtail collective bargaining rights as a way to cut government costs. But that very bill, SB 5, still remains unpopular, and with a repeal vote moving forward in November, the prospects of it becoming law are still low, but slightly improved.

Quinnipiac University released a new poll on Ohio Tuesday showing Kasich with a 40 percent approval rating against 49 percent disapproval, which is improved from his dismal 35 - 50 split from the summer. That result mirrors the finding that the Ohio public is warming up to SB 5: now 40 percent of Ohio voters support the new law, up from only 34 percent during the summer. Around 50 percent disapproved in both surveys.

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A heckler disrupted opening remarks President Obama was giving at a House of Blues event in Los Angeles Monday night.

Obama had just told the event's master of ceremonies Tyler Ferguson, an actor on the TV show Modern Family, that "Michelle and the girls love them some Modern Family," and Ferguson responded by thanking him for ending the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy governing gays in the military.

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James Murdoch’s press spokeswoman, Alice Macandrew, has resigned from News Corporation, The Guardian reports, apparently over the way the company has handled the still-unfolding phone hacking scandal.

A former member of Gov. Gary Johnson’s campaign staff has established a Super PAC for the GOP candidate, The Hill reports. Kelly Casaday filed paperwork to establish the Freedom and Liberty political action committee’s paperwork on Monday night with the FEC.

“The other presidential candidates seem like they’ve been successful with their Super PACs, but Governor Johnson seems a little late,” Casaday said. “We hope it’ll make a difference in the campaign in the next few months.”

The Perry campaign sought to downplay fundraising expectations on Tuesday, after a Dallas Morning News report stated that sources inside the campaign told them fundraising was going unexpectedly well and that the campaign had raised $20 million in just three days. Ray Sullivan told the Daily Caller that the figure for the entire third quarter would not be “anywhere near” the $20 million reported.

“Obviously we hope to do well and be competitive but we are working with literally half the time frame the rest of the candidates are working with,” Sullivan said. “The figure reported by the Dallas Morning News is just nuts.”

Brain researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have already decoded brain activity into watchable movies using a collection of YouTube clips. But now they want to go one step further and decode the activity of the entire visual system, allowing us to see with unprecedented clarity what people see inside their heads, according to the neuroscientist who headed the mind movie project, Dr. Jack Gallant.

"The human brain consists of several hundred distinct modules, each of which has a different function," Gallant wrote to TPM Idea Lab via email.

"The visual system occupies about 1/3 of the human brain, which suggests that there are somewhere around 75 distinct visual processing modules. The work presented in the Current Biology paper is based entirely on a model that only describes processing in a few early visual areas. Thus, there are many modules for which no processing model currently exists, and these are the focus of our future research."

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