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While Herman Cain weighs whether to stay in the race after being accused of carrying on a decade-plus affair, the campaign is looking to repair the damage his various alleged improprieties have caused with women supporters. His website just went live with a new "Women For Cain" section where female supporters can share their stories --and slam his accusers as "vindictive," "jealous," "unstable," and "husbandless."

The initiative, the site says, is chaired by his wife, Gloria Cain, who has been virtually 100% absent from the campaign trail so far and only recently gave her first interview -- and that was after canceling previous ones first.

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Unlike Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney doesn't sit down for television interviews too often. And after an interview with Fox News' Bret Baier earlier this week, it's easy to see why.

The perennial Republican candidate was exasperated and a bit hostile when Baier challenged him on his previous positions. Romney told Baier to "read the tape" of his past positions to see that he hasn't flip-flopped as much as Baier claimed.

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According to Rush Limbaugh, President Obama might be to blame for the flurry of sex allegations that have dogged Herman Cain for weeks.

“I just don’t think in racial terms first, second or third,” said Limbaugh during his radio show Thursday. “But you know it is possible that all this Herman Cain stuff is coming from Obama[.]”

“Let’s say [Cain] gets the nomination,” Limbaugh added. “Talk about a quandary for black voters. Talk about two pictures, one that that the Democrats wouldn’t want to have to deal with. So I could see after somebody points out the racial aspect. I say, OK maybe the White House would like to take Cain out and not take any chances whatsoever.”

A report from the Center for Public Integrity today reveals plans by Wall Street groups and K Street lobbyists to fight Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign. According to the report, they will be fundraising for incumbent Sen. Scott Brown and see his re-election as a major priority.

Asked about the report by the Washington Post, a Warren spokeswoman replied: “She stood up to Wall Street and the big banks, demanded and won oversight and consumer protections they didn’t want. No one should be surprised they don’t want her in the Senate.”

With just 32 days to go until the Iowa caucuses, and the polls as topsy-turvy as ever, everyone is waiting to see who gets the most votes. This question, however, leads to yet another one that is truly crucial in Iowa: Who can turn out their voters?

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Christine O'Donnell will be in Iowa on Saturday in an attempt to unite the state's deeply divided tea party movement behind a single candidate in advance of the caucus vote.

She will fail. And that's a big deal -- not just for O'Donnell, who's made her name as a tea party leader, but also for the candidates jockeying for position with a month to go before the first votes are cast in the nomination cycle.

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Linsday Boerma of National Journal/CBS tweets from a town hall in South Carolina with Herman Cain will make an announcement in Atlanta on Saturday, but will not reveal what he will say: “Tomorrow in Atlanta I will be making an announcement… to clarify what the next steps are.”

Cain is scheduled to meet with his wife Friday night to discuss his campaign.