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Former longtime Congressman Dave Obey (D-WI) is joining the call among Democrats to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2012. He would also consider running as a candidate himself in such a recall -- but would prefer to see candidacies by either Sen. Herb Kohl, who is retiring in 2012, or Milwaukee Mayor and unsuccessful 2010 Democratic nominee Tom Barrett.

However, Obey also said that when he has talked to the other two men about running for governor, they politely told him to stop "pestering" them about it.

Obey told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board that "there is so much anger out there" against Walker, predicting that Democrats would successfully collect enough signatures for the effort. (The Dems need to collect over 540,000 signatures, plus a significant buffer that campaigns routinely collect in order to protect against signatures being disqualified over one imperfection or another.)

At the same time, Obey touted Kohl and Barrett as alternative candidates to himself:

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A former official with the Department of Homeland Security wants the Justice Department to probe the New York Police Department for their infiltration and surveillance of Muslim communities.

Sahar F. Aziz, Associate Professor of Law and Texas Wesleyan School of Law, encouraged the Justice Department to open an investigation into the NYPD during a DOJ-sponsored conference on post-Sept. 11 discrimination on Wednesday.

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With Muammar Gaddafi dead, some American lawmakers are already talking of reducing the Western military presence in Libya. In a Capitol press conference Thursday, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said he would like to see American involvement in Libya reduced “as swiftly as is responsible.”

“It would be my hope that we would be able to transition out of a NATO — predominantly military — mission as quickly as possible,” said Coons, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The traditional swing states might prove slightly less important as Virginia and North Carolina stay in the toss up column: pundits are usually quick to point out that if President Obama were to take one of those southern states there are a number of scenarios in which he could lose Ohio and Florida and still win re-election. But Ohio is still ground zero in the red state vs. blue state battle, and the President is dropping in a new Public Policy Polling (D) survey of the state.

And yet, only one GOP candidate, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, ties him in a matchup, while Obama bests the rest of the field. It's been a common tale in early presidential polling: Obama may be down in approval, yet no GOPer can really get past him in an actual matchup. But GOP candidates are getting closer, despite a lack of movement for the President. Obama's approval rating in Ohio is virtually unchanged from PPP's last poll of Ohio, yet Romney and businessman Herman Cain are pulling closer with him, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen further back as his campaign has stumbled.

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Of all the potential collaborations involving protestors of Occupy Wall Street, working with MTV, the beacon of corporate, materialistic media organizations, would seem to be among the most unlikely. That's why we and many others around the Web were a little taken aback by a casting call posted by MTV on Craigslist seeking Occupy Wall Street participants for roles on the upcoming season of the Real World.

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