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Three prominent conservatives warned in a joint statement against Republican "scaremongering" on Guantanamo Bay detainees, saying the prison in Thomson, Illinois would be fine to handle them.

Former Republican Congressman and Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union and Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, have teamed up to urge the Gitmo detainees be taken to the U.S.

"The scaremongering about these issues should stop," Barr, Keene and Norquist wrote.

"Civilian federal courts are the proper forum for terrorism cases," they wrote. "Civilian prisons are the safe, cost effective and appropriate venue to hold persons in federal courts."

"Likewise the federal prison system has proven itself fully capable of safely holding literally hundreds of convicted terrorists with no threat or danger to the surrounding community," they wrote. "We are confident that the government can preserve national security without resorting to sweeping and radical departures from an American constitutional tradition that has served us effectively for over two centuries."

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A new survey in Arkansas by Public Policy Polling (D) finds Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder in a dead heat with Republican challenger Tim Griffin -- a "star" of the U.S. Attorney scandal in 2007.

The numbers: Snyder 44%, Griffin 43%, within the ±4.9% margin of error. Against the other GOP candidates, Snyder leads Army veteran and Republican activist David Meeks by 45%-42%, and is ahead of restaurateur Scott Wallace by 44%-42%.

The Republican candidates are essentially unknowns, but Snyder's job approval is only 42%, with a 46% plurality disapproval. In addition, President Obama's approval rating in the district is only 41%-52%.

A photo hanging in the law firm office of accused fraudster Scott Rothstein shows the Fort Lauderdale attorney in a full embrace with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and features a handwritten note from Crist: "Scott --- you're amazing!"

The story of Rothstein's alleged $1 billion fraud, which TPMmuckraker has been following, was featured on the front page of the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal, illustrated by the Crist-Rothstein photo.

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Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow night will become the first sitting vice president to appear on Comedy Central's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Biden, sometimes known for sticking a foot in his mouth, has appeared five other times on the show.

President Obama pitched in via satellite for a stunt on The Colbert Report earlier this year when Stephen Colbert did his show from Iraq.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is telling American seniors that it's time to cut and run from the AARP. The seniors group recently came out in support of the health care reform package passed in the House, a stance that has drawn the ire of many conservatives on Capitol Hill.

From ThinkProgress:

At a town hall meeting in Arizona on Friday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) vowed to "fight with every fiber of my body" to oppose a similar health care reform bill in the Senate. He then claimed that Medicare will actually be "cut" and reportedly urged the town hall attendees to tear up their AARP membership cards

A new ABC/Washington Post poll finds that Americans still do not like Sarah Palin, who is kicking off her Going Rogue book tour with a taped interview airing today on the Oprah Winfrey show.

The poll finds that a majority of Americans, 52% of respondents, have an unfavorable opinion of her, compared to only 43% favorable.

In addition, respondents were asked this question: "Regardless of whether or not you'd vote for her, do you think Palin is or is not qualified to serve as president?" The numbers: qualified 38%, not qualified 60%.

In addition, 53% say they would definitely not vote for her. Only 9% would definitely vote for her, and 37% would consider it (those people are likely Republicans and GOP-leaners who want to see all the options).

Add Saturday Night Live to the list of shows (along with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report) unable to resist giving Lou Dobbs' recent departure from CNN a special farewell of its own. SNL's Darrell Hammond appeared as Dobbs during this past Saturday night's Weekend Update segment, telling anchor Seth Meyers, "this summer I was given a choice: either I could stop ranting and raving about insane anti-immigration conspiracy theories or I could leave CNN. And Seth, to me that's no choice at all."

It's clear that Sarah Palin spends much of her new memoir attacking reporters and various McCain campaign aides. But, the Wall Street Journal points out, at least one person earned her praise: Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Palin says Lieberman (I-CT) offered her encouragement on the trail, especially before the vice presidential debate.

"Be yourself," Palin says he told her. "Don't let these people try to change you. Don't let them tell you what to say and how to think."

The memoir, Going Rogue, goes on sale tomorrow.