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Update 10:36 AM ET: CNN confirmed to TPM that they asked that the ad be taken down. Romney's campaign has told TPM they stand by the message of the video, though they are complying with the network's request to take it down.

The strange case of the missing Mitt Romney YouTube video has been solved, Team Romney says: Turns out CNN did it.

In an email to TPM, Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said her campaign pulled down the tough attack on Perry at the request of the news network.

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Rick Perry's campaign launched a new attack ad Thursday underscoring Mitt Romney's inconsistent messages on healthcare and immigration.

The ad is called "Misleading" and features a full minute of Romney flip-flops. Viewers are treated to a Romney appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" in which he says he'd apply the Massachusetts healthcare law to the rest of the United States. The ad later cuts to a recent debate performance where Romney denies having ever suggested expanding Romneycare nationwide.

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the death of Qaddafi:

“For too long, Moammar Qaddafi caused fear and suffering among Libyans, and fostered instability and terror around the world.

“Thanks to President Obama’s leadership, our military’s strength, the cooperation of our NATO allies and the bravery of tens of thousands of ordinary Libyans who stood up to oppression, Qaddafi will never again harm another human being.

“With Qaddafi’s fate sealed, it is critical that we work with our allies in NATO and the region to integrate Libya into the international community of free, democratic nations. I look forward to building a strong relationship with a democratic, prosperous, and peaceful Libya.”

The case of the missing Mitt Romney attack video is getting curiouser and curiouser.

On Wednesday afternoon, Romney's campaign fired off a scorching attack on Rick Perry in the form of a web video tearing into Perry's sometimes stumbling debate performances. The video launched as part, a Romney website slamming Perry for being a serial office-holder (rather than a serial office-seeker.)

By Wednesday night, the YouTube clip had disappeared from YouTube, marked "removed by user." By Thursday morning, the website had been redesigned, scrubbed of all mention of the brutal attack ad.

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Herman Cain, seeking to answer questions on his stance on abortion, tweeted just now “I am 100% pro-life. End of story.”

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