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Of all the potential collaborations involving protestors of Occupy Wall Street, working with MTV, the beacon of corporate, materialistic media organizations, would seem to be among the most unlikely. That's why we and many others around the Web were a little taken aback by a casting call posted by MTV on Craigslist seeking Occupy Wall Street participants for roles on the upcoming season of the Real World.

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor posted a video Thursday that has Democrats scratching their heads. Is he running for something (besides reelection to his Richmond, VA-area Congressional district)?

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The former chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party pleaded no contest last week to charges that he committed voter fraud last November when attempting to get fake Tea Party candidates on the ballot in order to split the Republican vote.

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Herman Cain has offered up a confusing jumble of answers on his position on abortion in interviews, leaving it unclear whether or not he favors certain exceptions for rape and incest.

Cain, then a lower tier candidate, baffled FOX's John Stossel in an interview several months ago on abortion when he said "I dont believe government should make that decision" and that if a woman is raped it's "her choice" whether to end the pregnancy. But in the same one minute span he said that abortion should be banned in all cases. "I'm pro life, period," he said.

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CNN has confirmed to TPM that it did in fact ask Mitt Romney's campaign to take down a web video attacking Rick Perry that included network footage.

"CNN did not consent to the use of its copyrighted material for this ad, and CNN objects to the use of its talent in any campaign ad," a spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement. "We respectfully requested that the Romney campaign not use CNN material in their campaign ads and they complied."

The Romney campaign told TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro that they stand by the content of their ad, a tough attack on Perry's widely panned debate performances, but that they chose to comply with CNN's request. A recent Perry video also used CNN footage and TPM is following up with the network to see if the campaign will also be asked to take down their web ad.

Update: CNN policy is apparently to let debate footage be used liberally -- Romney's video made use of their commentators, ie. "its talent."

Republicans are continuing to attack the Occupy Wall Street protests -- singling out elements of radicalism and/or anti-Semitism -- with a new web video from the National Republican Congressional Committee attacking Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), who heads up their counterparts at the DCCC.

The video cites a New York Post opinion column, to say that "Steve Israel of New York, is urging party members to 'stand with' the demonstrators."

However, this is not actually what the Post column said: "The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, chaired by Rep. Steve Israel of New York, is urging party members to "stand with" the demonstrators." This in turn was referring to an e-mail petition that the DCCC sent to its supporter list, in order to score political points against the House Republican leadership -- not to regular party strategy for the actual politicians.

The video features dramatic music, and news clips of the protests. After showing a parade of socialism, communism, and that guy who stuck his rear end up against a police car, the on-screen text declares: "STEVE ISRAEL STANDS WITH THEM."

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One reason you can expect unanimous Republican opposition to Senate Democrats' latest jobs bill Friday is because it includes a tax -- a 0.5 percent surtax on income above $1 million starting in January 2013.

That would raise enough money over the next 10 years to cover the $35 billion cost of hiring and retaining about 400,000 teachers and emergency responders next year -- but for Republicans, it's not worth it.

"This is the worst possible way to promote economic growth and job creation," warned Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) -- the Senate Minority Whip, and member of the joint deficit Super Committee.

Enter Vice President Joe Biden, who at a Capitol Hill rally on Wednesday provided a lesson on just how modest the tax is.

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President Obama said the objective in Libya was achieved without deploying U.S. service members on the ground, and that the NATO operation will soon come to an end.