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Vice President Joe Biden, speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, said he’s “not closing anything” when asked if he would consider a potential run for the presidency in 2016.

If you're trying to avoid being disenfranchised by your state's voter ID law, it's usually a good idea to avoid being a minority, a college student or poor. As it turns out you also probably shouldn't be 91-years-old and have trouble standing for a long period of time.

Tennessee resident Virginia Lasater found out the hard way after she was unable to get the photo ID required to vote in her state because she wasn't able to stand in a long line at a DMV:

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President Obama's earliest supporters, many of whom were first attracted to him because of his opposition to the war in Iraq, spent Friday cheering the news that all U.S. troops would be out of the country by the end of the year.

Still, for core Democratic voters and all war-weary Americans, serious questions remain about how the decision was made, the extent and propriety of the United States' continued commitment and what it means for the mission in Afghanistan.

Ben Rhodes, White House deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, held a conference call Friday afternoon to try to answer some of those lingering questions.

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In a weird and perhaps fitting twist of irony, Qaddafi in his final days was hungry and on the run in the city of Surt, The New York Times reports.

“He would say: ‘Why is there no electricity? Why is there no water?’“ said Mansour Dhao Ibrahim, a loyalist aide.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's campaign is hitting some rocky terrain - "The Granite State" to be more specific - and it couldn't have come at a worse time.

The New York Times reported on Friday that Jeff Chidester, Bachmann's campaign manager in New Hampshire, is in fact leaving. This follows an earlier report by WMUR Political Scoop's James Pindell that Michele Bachmann's paid staffers in New Hampshire have also quit, citing frustrations not with the candidate but the national campaign operation itself.

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Christine O'Donnell, former 2010 Republican Senate candidate and Tea Party darling, told ABC News that she donated $250 to the Mitt Romney campaign,saying that she doesn’t think Romney is “getting a fair shake” from Tea Partiers.

“I hope the fact that I stood up to the liberal establishment within my own party gives me the bona fides among conservatives to say this,” said O’Donnell to ABC News. “I find the tone and nastiness of some of the things circulating around the internet about Romney extremely offensive.”

Forget x-ray vision. MIT scientists have developed something better: A new radar array that can "see" movement as slight as a person breathing through solid concrete walls up to eight inches thick.

"We have found that if you are standing still behind the 8" solid concrete wall we can see you as red blob on about half of the frames," of the radar display screen, wrote the device's lead developer, Gregory Charvat, in an email to TPM, "This is because the body moves slowly when breathing and standing."

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Climate change deniers thought they had an ally in Richard Muller, a popular physics professor at UC Berkeley.

Muller didn't reject climate science per se, but he was a skeptic, and a convenient one for big polluters and conservative anti-environmentalists -- until Muller put their money where his mouth was, and launched the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, in part with a grant from the Charles G. Koch foundation.

After extensive study, he's concluded that the existing science was right all along -- that the earth's surface is warming, at an accelerating rate. But instead of second-guessing themselves, his erstwhile allies of convenience are now abandoning him.

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