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A new poll of Virginia conducted by Quinnipiac University shows businessman Herman Cain’s surge finding life there too. He and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney are tied at 21 percent in the survey’s trial heat of the GOP field, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry all the way back at 11 percent. Just a month ago, Perry was ahead of everyone with 25 percent, followed by Romney at 19.

Cain also does better in a matchup with President Obama than Perry. Obama leads Cain 45 – 43, but Perry falls to the President 47 – 42. Romney, again showing better strength against Obama, gets 46 percent against the President’s 45 in the poll.

“Herman Cain is moving up the ladder at breakneck speed. His 21 percent share of the GOP primary vote is more than three times the 6 percent he received when Quinnipiac University surveyed Virginians September 15,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling institute.

A writer for the Abramoff memoir-publishing conservative website World Net Daily is warning that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating one of the most patriotic institutions in the country: the Boy Scouts of America. Writes Aaron Klein:

The Boy Scouts of America welcomes major religions, including Islam. It has incorporated under its banner a group called the National Islamic Committee on Scouting, or NICS, which provides Muslim scouts an opportunity to earn badges or emblems by participating in religious activities.

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Confirming findings from a number of public polls, a new Bloomberg survey shows wide support for raising taxes on the wealthy in order to help pay down the deficit, and a very small appetite for cutting Social Security and Medicare in order to deal with the debt.

From Bloomberg’s report on the campaign and the economy:

“More than two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, say wealthier people should pay more in taxes to bring down the budget deficit, and even larger numbers think Medicare and Social Security benefits should be left alone….‘While Americans see sacrifice as inevitable for the middle-class, the only sacrifice to win majority support is a tax on those too wealthy to be considered middle-class,’ says J. Ann Selzer, president of Des Moines, Iowa-based Selzer & Co., which consults with Bloomberg News on polls.”

So far the Republican primary debates have been by far the biggest catalyst for the candidates' numerous surges and collapses, from Tim Pawlenty's campaign-ending "Obamneycare" moment to Rick Perry's meltdown last month. On Tuesday, the candidates will meet at Dartmouth College for their seventh gathering of the campaign.

But it wasn't always this way: the explosion of televised primary debates are a relatively recent phenomenon.

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Police early Tuesday arrested about 100 Occupy Boston protesters, Reuters reports. The anti-Wall Street protests originating in lower Manhattan have spread across the country, drawing both praise and criticism from lawmakers.

Reuters reports:

Militants fired two missiles at a rally led by the governor of Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding four, but the governor was not hurt, security officials said.