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Good news for negative ad producers: imputing other people's words onto rival politicians is a legit strategy in 2012!

Mitt Romney is under a hailstorm of criticism in the press today for his latest anti-Obama ad, which cuts up a clip of President Obama quoting a Republican strategist in 2008 to make it appear that the line in question is Obama's. But the campaign is defending the spot despite virtually universal condemnation from independent fact checkers.

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Michele Bachmann reiterated her attack on the Obama administration, made at prior debates, that President Obama has “outsourced interrogation to the ACLU” in terrorism cases.

It should be noted that the ACLU and other civil libertarian groups have been critical of the Obama administration, for continuing such practices as the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Newt Gingrich advocated for the extension of all the powers included in the PATRIOT Act during the CNN presidential debate on Tuesday, saying there was a difference between national security requirements and the requirements for prosecuting someone as a criminal.

“All of us will be in danger for the rest of our lives,” Gingrich said in response to a question from former Attorney General Ed Meese.

Rep. Ron Paul said that the laws on the books were enough to handle terrorism cases, bringing up the successful prosecution and execution of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh.

“Timothy McVeigh killed a lot of American citizens,” retorted Gingrich.

Mitt Romney introduced himself to voters at the debate — with a falsehood about himself.

Responding to Wolf Blitzer’s own self-introduction — in which Wolf said “and yes, that is my real name” — Romney began: “I’m Mitt Romney — and yes Wolf, that’s also my first name.”

Romney’s first name is “Willard,” and “Mitt” is his middle name.

CNN has also made a tradition of having someone sing the national anthem at the openings of these debates… Tonight it’s someone from the Broadway musical, Jersey Boys.

CNN has made something of a hallmark of having ludicrously O.T.T. openings to its debate, and tonight’s is no exception. An amazing and caffeinated run through every high and low of 20th Century national security events.

Another GOP debate is upon us! Tune in at 8pm ET at CNN to watch the GOP presidential contenders go after each other – and President Obama – on national security and foreign policy issues. Watch here. (Make sure your pop-up blocker is off)

Completely distinct from the Super Committee-related mess Congress has to clean up, the House and Senate are also supposed to pass long-term legislation to reauthorize FAA programs. But a dispute over worker rights has held up the bill for months and even led to a partial FAA shutdown earlier this year. Rinse, repeat.

Republicans want to make it more difficult for transportation workers to unionize by requiring officials to count abstentions as votes against forming a union. This provision underlies the stalemate between the House and Senate on a so-called permanent reauthorization.

The current, temporary reauthorization is scheduled to lapse at the end of the year, and now labor is pressing the GOP to strip the anti-union measure and move ahead with the long-term plan, as opposed to passing another stopgap, or triggering another shutdown.

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It may not be up to the standards of his 'oops' moment, but Rick Perry's look of befuddlement when asked about Syria has already earned the ire of the influential conservative site, HotAir.

Speaking live to a Fox News panel, the Texas governor was asked whether he would impose a No Fly Zone over Syria. HotAir's Allahpundit weighed in on Perry's "slight but revealing hesitation" that followed, and what came next:

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Before Jack Johnson left public office in late 2010 -- and prior to his arrest in a massive corruption scandal -- the former Prince George's County Executive had 250,000 glossy booklets printed up with the title "A Legacy: Leadership, Service." Taxpayers paid $226,597 to have them printed. There they are pictured above, sitting in a warehouse.

Now a copy of the booklet is "Attachment A" in a sentencing memo filed on Monday by federal prosecutors, who use Johnson's own quotes in the booklet against him.

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