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Dorothy Rodham, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mother, has died, according to a statement from the Clinton family. The statement says Rodham, age 92, died shortly after midnight on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton had canceled an overseas trip to be with her ailing mother.

Speaking as part of The National Journal’s 2012 Election Preview, Cain campaign manager Mark Block claimed that Monday was actually quite a successful day for the campaign.

“It was a quarter million online,” Block said of Monday’s cash haul. “It was one of our best fundraising days ever.”

You can watch the event live here.

Businessman Herman Cain doesn't have much of a campaign structure, something that TPM has been tracking for weeks now. His rise in the polls as the latest alternative to former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has been fueled almost completely by his likeability, while former frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry has completely tanked on favorability, and consequently fallen hard in the polls. But the new allegations that two women accused Cain of "sexually suggestive" harassment (which he has called "false") strikes directly at exactly what's driving Cain's rise to the top of the GOP primary.

For Mr. Cain, Politico's story dropped just as Cain has become a widely known national figure. Gallup showed last week that Cain's name ID has been rising as he's been all over the national news as the media tries to figure out if his spiking support is real or merely another GOP fad -- roughly a month ago one in two Republicans knew Mr. Cain. At the end of October that number had shot up to 78 percent.

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The White House has asked the Pentagon for recommendations for U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan in 2014, Reuters reports:

Sources familiar with the discussions said President Barack Obama’s top aides have asked for scenarios for 2014. As part of that process, the Pentagon must look at troop levels for 2013 — suggesting deeper withdrawals beyond the removal, by next September, of the 33,000 surge troops Obama deployed in a bid to turn around the flagging decade-old conflict.

Senate Democrats will continue to force Republicans to filibuster popular pieces of President Obama's jobs bill in the days weeks ahead -- to bolster their narrative that Republicans would rather see the economy fail than help Obama, or raise taxes by even a fraction of a percent on millionaires and billionaires.

But sometime between now and the end of the year, Dems will either have to interrupt their strategy or risk watching as two key provisions that helped bolster the economy this year lapse, and threaten what's already expected to be modest economic growth in 2012.

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