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The Wisconsin Senate’s Committee on Senate Organization has voted to allow guns in the state Capitol, but not within the Senate chamber while in session. From an email that went out to Wisconsin Senate legislative staff today:

“An individual may carry a weapon in any space within the State Capitol that is assigned to the State Senate and/or the State Senate’s members or officers, provided the individual is not prohibited by law or Senate policy from carrying the weapon.”

The Washington Post reports that one of Herman Cain’s sexual harassment accusers wants to tell her side of the story.

The Post reports that the accuser is barred by a confidentiality agreement, but her lawyer says it ought to be lifted.

Herman Cain promised the public would meet his wife in a soon-to-be-announced exclusive interview, and it looks like we’ve got a date: The Hill reports that cain’s wife, Gloria, will appear on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren Friday evening.

The Justice Department sent a letter to school districts in Alabama on Tuesday reminding them that they can't deny a child access to public education due to his or her immigration status.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez's letter comes after he expressed concern that Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law was keeping children out of school because their parents are scared about the impact of the law. A federal judge has blocked portions of the harsh anti-illegal immigration measure.

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Are you upset? Looking for someone to blame for the mortgage crisis? Blame Congress, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday morning.

Bloomberg at an Association for a Better New York breakfast -- a New York business organization -- was asked his opinion of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, Capital New York's Azi Paybarah reports. "I hear your complaints," Bloomberg replied, before shifting the conversation to the housing crisis.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

Speaking at an education forum in Des Moines Tuesday afternoon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has suffered from lackluster performances in Republican presidential debates, said flatly, "I hate debates."

"I hate debates like I used to hate spinning in an aircraft," said Perry, a former Air Force pilot. "I finally did it and did it and did it, and finally I got better at it." Perry, who has agreed to take part in five more GOP contests, says he might improve at debating, too.