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Rush Limbaugh is known for often using coded racist language, then accusing people of race-baiting if they complain. But this time, in commenting on the press conference held by President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao, he's just gone for some straight-out racist caricature.

As Media Matters has picked up, Limbaugh complained on his radio show today that there was not a constant voiceover translation on the broadcast of Hu's speech. In imitation, he then proceeded to do a mocking impression of Hu's language, as might have been featured in a movie or radio show from the first half of the last century.

Give it a listen.

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As much as conservatives would like Wednesday's House vote on repealing health care to be binding, it's really just symbolic. The Republicans' real legislative leverage over the bill will come during spending fights later this year, when the GOP appropriators in the House can demand funding cuts to stymie the implementation of the law.

Democrats in the Senate will object, and if the two chambers don't break the gridlock, it could even lead to a government shutdown. To push the GOP back from the brink, Democrats will cast the skirmish with Republicans not as an abstract fight over spending, but as a disagreement between the parties over providing benefits to people.

At a health care event in the basement of the Capitol on Wednesday, top Democrats laid this strategy out. "I think we have to discreetly respond, 'This is what withholding funding for this aspect of [the law] -- this is what it means to you,'" said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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1||January 19, 2011: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) announces he will not seek reelection for his Senate seat.

A photo hanging in his Capitol Hill office shows the young senator shaking hands with President Ronald Reagan. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

2|| Lieberman with soldiers in the Persian Gulf. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

3|| Lieberman as a boy, posing in his Little League uniform. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

4||In the summer of 1963, Lieberman was an intern for Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-CT). ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

5||Lieberman with his wife Hadassah, daughter Hana, and his mother Marcia. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

6||Lieberman meets Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

7||Lieberman, with former Sen. John H. Glenn (D-OH) and Al Gore. ||newscom/Office of Sen. Lieberman &&

8||Lieberman accepts the vice presidential nomination at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. ||newscom/KRT &&

9||Lieberman, Gore and their wives after Gore delivered his acceptance speech. ||newscom/Terry Schmitt &&

10||Lieberman and Gore wave to the crowds during a rally in downtown St. Louis. ||newscom/Bill Greenblatt &&

11||Lieberman, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Robert Redford, at a press conference against the opening of the coastal plain of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil drilling. ||newscom/Tom Williams/Roll Call &&

12|| October 5, 2000: After a vice presidential debate, Lieberman greets his Republican counterpart, Dick Cheney. ||newscom/JANET WORNE &&

13|| November 7, 2000: Lieberman and Gore load up on goodies at the Florida Bakery in Tampa, on their way to a rally at the Democratic Campaign HQ. ||newscom/s70/ZUMA Press &&

14||At the last Democratic debate before the 2004 primaries began, presidential hopefuls -- including Lieberman -- wave to a New Hampshire crowd. ||newscom/POOL/UPI &&

15||Lieberman and Martin Sheen greet supporters during a Democratic Youth Rally on June 12, 2002, on Capitol Hill. ||newscom/Roger L. Wollenberg &&

16||Two days before the 2004 New Hampshire primary, Democratic presidential candidates Lieberman and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) chat before the start of a debate. ||newscom/STEVEN E. FRISCHLING &&

17||January 2, 2008: Lieberman joins presidential hopeful John McCain and his wife Cindy at a New Hampshire diner ahead of the state's first-in-the-nation Presidential primary. ||newscom/HYDE JON/SIPA &&

18|| ||Jeff Malet/

19|| ||Jeff Malet/

20|| ||Jeff Malet/

21|| ||Jeff Malet/

22|| ||Jeff Malet/

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Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus officially announced today the line-up for his transition team, with a clear message that the RNC wants to put the controversies of the Michael Steele years behind them -- or, in the press release's words, "implementing the plan to restore faith in Republican donors and communicate with the American public."

Notably on the team are Ed Gillespie, a former RNC chairman during President George W. Bush's first term, and Henry Barbour, an RNC member from Mississippi -- and a nephew of Gov. Haley Barbour, who for his part is also a potential presidential candidate and a former RNC chairman.

"When I ran for Chairman of the RNC, I promised to make changes and begin the outreach process with key Republican donors," Priebus said in the press release. "Today, I am honored to announce the team that will help ensure Republicans have a top-notch ground game in the 2012 election cycle. Together, we will build on our success in 2010 and take back the White House and the United States Senate."

Dick Cheney is no gun control advocate. In fact, as Rachel Maddow pointed out in a recent segment, he was one of only a couple members of the House of Representatives who voted against a ban on plastic guns back in the 1980s and is a regular at meetings of the National Rifle Association.

But in the wake of the mass shooting in Arizona that gravely injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and killed six others, even Cheney indicated he's support restrictions on high-capacity magazines such as the clip allegedly used by Jared Lee Loughner.

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Republicans in Texas want Mike Huckabee as the party's presidential nominee in 2012, with GOP voters there preferring the former Arkansas governor to their own current governor, Rick Perry, by a nearly three to one ratio, according to a new PPP poll.

In the poll, 24% of respondents said Huckabee was their first choice for the party nod. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich each notched 17%, while Ron Paul and Mitt Romney tied at 10%. Perry trailed the pack at 9% despite being immensely popular with the GOP base in his home state. Sixty-five percent of Republican voters there approve of Perry's job performance, versus 26% who disapprove, according to the poll.

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Your eyes are not deceiving you: The wing of this plane is oblique, turned 60-degrees across its fuselage. It's name is the AD-1 and it's the weirdest plane ever created by NASA. But why did they make it this way?

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