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Rick Perry took a potshot at Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on Tuesday, telling an Iowan audience that the US should strive to one day achieve independence from his country's abundant oil supply. But until that day comes, Perry has rolled out the welcome mat for the South American nation's petroleum business as governor of Texas.

"What a great day it would be to say 'No thank you Mr. Chavez, we don't need your oil,'" Perry said on Tuesday, according to The Fix.

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Herman Cain's allies seem intent on tying his sexual harassment scandal to the most famous case of inappropriate workplace behavior in American history, the saga of Clarence Thomas.

And in one unexpected way, they've already succeeded: much of the right wing is now pulling the dust cloths off the same old criticisms of the very concept of sexual harassment that they've kept in storage since the '90s. Namely, that the behavior is often harmless fun and women really need to lighten up already.

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In a speech at the University of New Hampshire on Tuesday, the former Utah governor called for the breaking up of oil’s “monopoly as a transportation fuel,” Politico reports.

“We cannot simply drill our way to energy security; we also need to use the power of the marketplace,” Huntsman said. He demanded the creation of a “truly level playing field for competing fuels.”

Huntsman then called for the FTC and Senate Judiciary Committtee to investigate the nation’s fuel distribution system.

He wasn’t done yet, promising to “systematically begin to eliminate every subsidy for energy companies, whether it be oil, natural gas, wind or solar. Under my presidency, the United States will get out of the subsidy business.”

He concluded, that if necessary, he would use his “executive authority to act unilaterally.”

Speaking to a meeting of Baptists in Iowa on Tuesday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) became the first of the GOP presidential hopefuls to weigh in on the blossoming Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal.

Speaking from the pulpit, Bachmann warned “This is the year when we can’t have any surprises with our candidates.”

Reuters reports:

Germany’s finance minister and other senior officials urged Greece on Wednesday to stick to the aid plan agreed with the euro zone and IMF and to avoid the dangerous instability posed by the prospect of a referendum on the latest bailout deal.

Herman Cain may have some surprises at his first national security briefings should he win the presidency.

In an interview with PBS, Cain appears to suggest that Americans should consider China dangerous in part because they're pursuing "nuclear capability." In fact, China tested its first nuclear device in 1964 and has had a stockpile of warheads for decades.

The relevant passage:

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The Chinese government and a Norwegian satellite station are hitting back at a Congressional advisory panel's claims that they were players in the interference of two U.S. government satellites by hackers.

The claims that hackers targeted two U.S. earth-observation and imaging satellites, Terra AM-1 and Landsat-7, first appeared in a Bloomberg article published on October 27. The article is based on an unpublished draft of a forthcoming annual report to Congress from the U.S.-China Economic Relations Commission, an independent advisory panel.

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Herman Cain's story has been through a series of changes since news of it first broke on Sunday night. So TPM thought it would be helpful to put the key moments all together in a row. Click below to see just how fast Cain's assertions morphed over barely 24 hours. As an added bonus, it's already provided some memorable moments of footage, including Cain's seething but silent response when he's first confronted with the report.

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