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A new analysis from Gallup finds that as President Obama's ratings have gone up and down, one constant has remained: A sharply disproportionate level of support among younger voters, with an age gap that simply didn't happen with his two predecessors.

Gallup's data was compiled by analyzing the average approval ratings for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush during their administrations, and comparing these numbers to the Obama administration so far. The numbers were broken down among four age groups: 18-29, 30-49, 50-64, and 65+.

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The California man who opened fire last night outside the Pentagon was a property rights extremist who railed against the government's ability to "confiscate the resources of their citizens to fund schemes that need only be justified by lies and deception," and wanted to "eliminate the role of the government in education."

In a recorded manifesto called "Directions To Freedom", the audio of which he posted online in 2006, John Patrick Bedell, of Hollister, California, praised private property as "the most successful basis for structuring society that humanity has ever known."

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Assuming abortion doesn't kill health care reform, the other sine qua non of the process is the sidecar bill. House Democrats won't pass Senate health care legislation unless they're assured that a separate package is moved through the reconciliation process, making a number of amendments.

On that score, the White House put some skin in the game several weeks ago when they unveiled a package of proposed changes to the Senate bill, which administration officials say are designed to survive reconciliation--an esoteric process, which only allows measures with significant budgetary impact to advance.

Are they right? For the most part, yes.

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"We need to preserve traditional values for the future of our children. Children must be raised with morals and principles. As a society, we must provide them with a secured and loving environment that allows them to flourish."

Those are the words of California state Senator Roy Ashburn, a father of four, quoted in a 2005 press release announcing a rally to support "traditional marriage."

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In a blog post today, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Christina Romer issued a statement on the February unemployment report. Here's the full post:

Although the labor market remains severely distressed, today's report on the employment situation is consistent with the pattern of stabilization and gradual labor market healing we have been seeing in recent months.

The unemployment rate remained constant at 9.7 percent. Many had expected that some of January's 0.3 percentage point decline would prove to be a transitory drop. That it was maintained for a second month makes it more likely that it was a genuine decline, not statistical noise. The number of workers unemployed for more than 26 weeks fell by 180,000, the first decline in over a year.

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Sen. John McCain's campaign (R-AZ) is strongly objecting to a new online fundraising ad from his opponent in the Republican primary, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, depicting McCain's face in blue warpaint.

The online fundraising ad offers up McCain as a potential Oscar winner, as "nominee for best conservative actor." The Arizona Republic speculated that the ad may have been a reference to the movie Avatar. The Hayworth campaign has put up a revised version that changes McCain's skin color to a dark blue, in addition to the lighter blue warpaint, making an Avatar connection more obvious.

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For the third time in less than six months, the issue of abortion threatens to kill health care reform. The initiative is fragile enough without abortion, yet more and more it's becoming clear that abortion is the one, final issue that must be resolved if Democrats are to succeed. But this time, there's much less legislative wiggle room than before and Democrats are scrambling to figure out what, if anything can be done.

The logjam is a familiar one, and comes down to simple political arithmetic. For health care reform to pass, he House must pass the Senate bill word for word, then make minor tweaks to it through the budget reconciliation process. But Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI)--and, if we take him at his word, about a dozen of his Democratic colleagues--say they won't vote for health care again unless the Senate's abortion language is made more restrictive--a demand that seems like a legislative impossibility.

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A new Quinnipiac poll in New York finds a sharp increase in the number of people who think that Gov. David Paterson (D) should resign -- and this increase has happened in only the past two days, as more and more scandals have been reported in the press.

Registered voters were asked: "Do you think Governor Paterson should serve his full term until December 31 or should he resign?" The numbers are only 46% for serving his full term, to 42% saying he should resign, with a ±2.7% margin of error. Just two days ago, that number stood at 61%-31% in Paterson's favor.

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The openly gay mayor of West Sacramento says that he's spotted state Sen. Roy Ashburn (R), who has racked up a consistently anti-gay voting record over the years, at gay clubs a number of times.

Interviewed by CBS13, the station that [reported]( that Ashburn was at a Sacramento gay club before being arrested for DUI -- with a man in the car -- early Wednesday morning, Mayor Christopher Cabaldon said:

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