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So, turns out it was the "Democrat Machine" all along.

Herman Cain held a press conference Tuesday evening, addressing the accusations of sexual harassment that have dogged his campaign for the last week and a half.

During the press conference, Cain stated unequivocally that the accusations against him are false, and further said that he does not remember meeting Sharon Bialek, the latest woman to accuse Cain of unwanted sexual contact -- at one point saying that "the Democrat machine in America has brought forth a troubled woman to make false accusations."

Whatever the truth of the matter, it cannot be counted out of the realm of possibility that Cain's performance might boost his standing among some Republican primary voters, with his contention that the accusations are being lodged in order to undermine him politically as an agent of change.

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The Democratic Governor's Association (DGA) is wading into Ohio's referendum vote on a possible repeal of SB 5, the new anti-union law pushed by state Republicans who say it's necessary to control state and local budgets. Labor forces on the ground forced a statewide vote on the issue that was pushed primarily by Gov. John Kasich (R), who has put serious resources into fighting repeal.

The DGA's ad specifically features Kasich, a Republican who won the Ohio seat by two points in the 2010 election, but whose approval rating has fallen off over the year. SB 5 was one of his earliest initiatives, and Democrats see an opportunity to simultaneously win the SB 5 repeal vote and weaken the Ohio Governor.

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Voters in Maine have approved a ballot measure on allowing same day voter registration. The state had previously moved to require voters register no later than two days before an election. The state Republican Party had run ads urging the issue’s defeat, by suggesting that pro-gay rights groups supported it.

Sharon Bialek may have some company at the podium soon.

Karen Kraushaar, who received a settlement from the National Restaurant Association over her complaints about Herman Cain's behavior, now says she may come forward to tell her story. Previously she had said through her lawyer, Joel Bennett, that she wanted to stay anonymous and instead offered only a brief statement confirming that she stands by her original complaint, the details of which are still not known. But after The Daily, an iPad only publication owned by Rupert Murdoch, published her name on Tuesday, she told the New York Times that she's ready to go public.

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All day long ABC News reporters have been interviewing the various GOP presidential candidates. Each reporter has ended with the question: "Who should be the fifth President on Mount Rushmore?"

Most of the candidates gave the obligatory nod to Reagan. TPM thought Michele Bachmann had the weirdest answer of the day, at first suggesting it should be James Garfield but then changing her mind to Calvin Coolidge.

However, we hadn't reckoned on the awesome ego of Herman Cain.

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The Supreme Court on Tuesday voiced skepticism about arguments from the Justice Department in favor of allowing police officers to attach GPS devices to suspects' cars without a warrant in order to track them remotely, but has yet to rule on the matter.

When it does though, the court will be offering an important clarification of the Fourth Amendment right to be protected against unlawful search and seizure in the information age, and will effectively set precedent as GPS and other remote-tracking technology becomes more widespread and cheaper and find their way into the caches of more and more law enforcement agencies.

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Despite trying to avoid it, Herman Cain is still in the spotlight for his sexual misconduct allegations. But, worry not, because what, to one person, might seem like sexual harassment, to another can seem like overblown victimizing by a loose woman with a political agenda. Running for president brings a lot of scrutiny, but for the "right" candidate, there will always be a home to put out your message where everything is smiles and sunshine.

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