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The White House released this family portrait of the Obama family posing in the Oval Office.

Photo credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The Republican National Committee will air this ad during tonight’s GOP debate on Fox News. The ad asks supporters to text in to “join the GOP mobile army.”

Watch the ad:

h/t National Journal.

New national data from a poll commissioned by the Associated Press shows that Americans would prefer to continue the payroll tax break that was originally part of President Obama’s stimulus package passed in 2009. Nearly six in ten of those polled said Congress should keep it.

From the AP:

On the payroll tax deduction, 58 percent of respondents said they want Congress to extend the break, while 35 percent want it to expire. Democrats and independents are the strongest supporters of continuing the tax cut, while Republicans were evenly divided. But the difference is more partisan than ideological: Conservatives supported an extension, 54 percent to the 42 percent who prefer to let the reduction expire.

Google will launch an official rival to Apple’s “Siri” digital assistant, the Daily Mail reports. And it will be named after the voice of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

Former Jon Huntsman advisor David Fissher endorsed Mitt Romney Thursday. According to Politico, Fischer commented earlier this year that Huntsman’s campaign was in disarray. Fischer is a former special assistant in the Reagan administration.

The Mitt Romney campaign recently surfaced footage of Newt Gingrich praising Romney’s “job creation” during his Bain Capital years. Now they’re pushing it in a web video. This shows Gingrich at variance with his recent description of Romney’s time at Bain as involving making a fortune by “laying people off.”

Watch below:

Last night, while Newt Gingrich spoke gave an anti-abortion speech at Mike Huckabee’s premier of his pro-life movie “The Gift of Life,” people distributed pamphlets accusing Newt of being pro-choice.

From The Note:

But outside a historic auditorium in downtown Des Moines where Gingrich promised to support Congressional action to pass a bill that “defines personhood,” critics of the former House Speaker placed pamphlets on car windshield that attacked Gingrich as a “a pro-life fraud."