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Occupy Wall Street protesters had been gearing up for a confrontation with law enforcement over a planned clean-up in lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park on Friday morning that amounted to an eviction notice. But though there were some arrests made and a few fights with the cops, in the end the protesters were allowed to stay.

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A new Pew report details a sharp decline in fertility rates across the United States that appears closely tied to the economic recession that hit the country in approximately 2007.

The correlation between a faltering economy and the national birth rate is nothing new. What is astounding, however, is that the birth rate for almost every state has dropped dramatically. In 2007, the country experienced a record number of births, 4,316,233. Since then, following one of the worst recessions the U.S. has ever seen, Pew's provisional data shows that the number of births in 2010 was just 4,007,000.

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The House Energy and Commerce Committee's top Democrat let loose on his Republican colleagues on Friday, characterizing their Friday hearing about the bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra as a "kangaroo court."

"This investigation is beginning to resemble a kangaroo court," Rep. Henry Waxman, (D-CA) declared at the committee's Friday morning hearing. "At our last hearing, witnesses who asserted their lawful constitutional rights were publicly humiliated. And now the Republican majority is withholding exculpatory information from the public."

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Wisconsin Democrats just recently announced their official campaign to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, following their near-miss earlier this year to recall their way to a majority in the state Senate. But that's not all: The recall-Walker campaign will also include another bite at recalls for the state Senate.

Under Wisconsin's recall law, elected officials must have served at least one year of their current term before being recalled -- thus exempting earlier this year the half of the Senate that was just elected in 2010. With half of the state Senate up for election every two years, this meant that only those senators who were last elected in 2008 could be targeted for recalls during this past year (and also that the attempt to recall Walker would have to wait). But now, headed into 2012, that ceiling has been lifted.

"There is an opportunity here, given the large-scale effort under way, to target some of the senators who stood by Walker," state Dem spokesman Graeme Zielinski told the Wisconsin State Journal. "You will know in time who we're targeting."

On the other side, Republicans are in turn eyeing recall counter-efforts against Dems. "At this point, no decisions have been made, but all options are on the table. We will wait and see what the Democrats decide to do, and then weigh our options and move forward," said Dan Romportl, executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate.

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Michele Bachmann issued the following statement Friday, in response to Rick Perry’s energy plan:

“Governor Perry – I appreciate you endorsing my energy ideas. Your plan is exactly what I have been talking about since I entered the race in June. With my announcement of ‘American Jobs, Right Now,’ I am the only candidate with a comprehensive framework to grow the economy, create jobs, unleash potential for American energy, and reform the tax code; the major distinction is that I will implement my framework without abusing executive power.”

Alan Keyes doesn't think much of the current GOP frontrunner.

In a scathing column posted to World Net Daily, Alan Keyes takes direct aim at Herman Cain and finds him to be a poseur and the candidate who "carries more water for the Bank's manipulative oligarchs than for the grass-roots, middle-class Americans their elitist faction has systematically despoiled."

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Detailed in a letter to Congress, President Obama has authorized the deployment of a small number of troops to provide assistance and information to the fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in central Africa.

At Tuesday night's economic debate, Mitt Romney dismissed the extension of the payroll tax proposed by President Obama as only a little more than not much.

"Look, I don't like temporary little Band-Aids," Romney said when asked about the plan to extend the cut in the payroll tax. "I want to fundamentally restructure America's foundation economically."

Romney's just saying what a lot of Republicans say when it comes to the payroll tax. It is, after all, one of the few tax cuts the GOP doesn't much like. Democrats see it as something of a Marie Antoinette moment.

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A U.S. appeals court has temporarily blocked parts of Alabama’s controversial immigration law, specifically the provisions making it illegal for unregistered immigrants not to have proper documentation, and the requirement that state schools track the immigration status of their students.