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For months it seemed like Mitt Romney would stay out of Iowa this time, foregoing the state that handed him a bitter defeat in 2008 when he ran for president the first time. We have reached the end of the line for that theory, as Romney engages the Hawkeye State full steam ahead.

There have been conflicting signs that this was going to happen. Just a couple weeks ago, Romney himself was downplaying his chances in the caucuses. According to a report from a Florida fundraiser, "Romney predicted a Tea Party favorite would win Iowa and that he would take New Hampshire...Romney told the crowd he would seal the nomination by then winning Florida's Republican contest."

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Yahoo News' Chris Moody knocks it out of the ball park with his latest report from Orlando, Florida, where the Republican Governors Association met with top GOP message-man-turned-Yoda Frank Luntz. The crux of their meeting? Learning how to wiggle out of uncomfortable moments whenever questioned about the politically inconvenient Occupy Wall Street movement.

Staring down a crazed youth angry about inequality? Don't panic, says Luntz. Instead, follow this handy-dandy guide guaranteed to help pacify your subject, explain that things actually aren't all that bad, and that Republican policies can make it better.

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Jon Stewart just couldn't help himself.

The Daily Show on Wednesday dedicated an entire segment having a laugh at NBC Nightly News' expense. On Tuesday, during Brian Williams' broadcast, an incessant fire alarm rang out in the newsroom. Williams -- Mr. Television that he is -- handled the situation gracefully. But Stewart couldn't let it slide.

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Conservative commentator Erick Erickson took to his RedState blog today in order to give an insightful roundup of the candidates. What follows below is a collection of his best lines.

On Cain: “Let’s be real honest here. Herman’s problems are largely staff related (pun intended)…Ultimately though, the buck stops with the candidate.”

On Gingrich: “Gingrich’s problem is that there are a lot of very influential conservatives who feel very betrayed by Gingrich’s positions over the years. They are now out to settle scores with him. Voters may like him now, but will they in three weeks?”

On Huntsman: “If Huntsman comes back in New Hampshire, he is in the game. Here’s the funny thing about Jon Huntsman. His record as a Governor is more conservative than Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney combined. He is more pro-life than either of them. He is more economically wedded to the free market than either of them. He has better foreign policy experience than either of them. Huntsman should be a conservative hero in this race.”

On Paul: “Ron Paul’s voters are Ron Paul voters. They are not Republican voters. They will not go to someone else, but few others will go to Ron Paul. He is incapable of building a winning coalition for the primary.”

On Romney: “This remains Mitt Romney’s race because while three-quarters of the GOP does not want Mitt Romney, the three-quarters of the GOP cannot make up its mind who it does want.”

Staffers from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in early October went through New York Zuccotti Park and collected posters and other materials, the Washington Times reports. It doesn’t look like there are any immediate plans to display the artifacts.