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Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s freefall in the polls continues, especially in Florida, where he was the leader in the state just a month ago. A new InsiderAdvantage poll of the Republican field in Florida shows Perry with just 2.9 percent of the vote, with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney at 32.6 percent and businessman Herman Cain at 30.2. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is third with 11.2 percent.

Sen. John McCain is no fan of President Obama’s bus. CNN reports:

“I must say again I have never seen an uglier bus than a Canadian one,” the Arizona senator said in a speech on the Senate floor Monday. “He is traveling around on a Canadian bus touting American jobs.”

This is a must-see video with extra pepperoni.

Cain's been flying high in the GOP polls for a good week now, and enjoying the media attention that his current frontrunner status brings.

But presumably he doesn't enjoy that attention bringing up things like this:

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National Democrats are touting a poll in solid-red Utah, claiming that six-term Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch could be in for a close race against a potential opponent, Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson.

The poll, conducted by Dem pollster Anzalone Liszt Research for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, gives Hatch 48% support, putting the incumbent under the key 50% threshold, to 42% for Matheson. The DSCC also says: "After voters hear a balanced amount of information about each candidate, the race narrows to just 2 points (46% Hatch, 44% Matheson)."

The poll also gives Hatch a personal favorable rating of 57%, with a job approval of 62%. Matheson's ratings are slightly higher, with a 64% favorable rating, and 66% job approval.

To be clear, Matheson is not in the race at this time, but the Dems have hoped to recruit him.

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Linda McMahon's appearance in a World Wrestling Entertainment ad for the Make-a-Wish Foundation during her 2010 run for Senate violated elections law, but the Federal Election Commission is going to let is slide.

The Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee alleged that the WWE -- run by McMahon's husband, Vince -- illegally coordinated corporate in-kind contributions with her campaign.

In a decision made public on Friday, the FEC found that everything besides the Make-a-Wish Foundation ad was on the up-and-up and decided not to do anything about her two-second appearance in the ad as a matter of prosecutorial discretion.

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Research in Motion is sorry for the nearly week-long global BlackBerry service outage that began October 10 and spread to affect an estimated 35 million customers. Really sorry. So the company is offering all BlackBerry customers $100-worth of premium apps for free and a month of free technical support.

In a press release posted online Monday, Canadian smartphone giant RIM provides a list of the first 12 apps that will be available, mostly games, including "SIMS 3" and "Texas Hold'em Poker 2."

RIM expains that that the deal will begin on Wednesday, October 19 and last up until December 31, 2011. The release also includes more excessive kowtowing from RIM founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, who on Thursday offered his first apology for the mass service disruption in an ultra-low budget YouTube video.

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Michele Bachmann isn’t amused by Herman Cain’s border-fence “joke.” The former pizza mogul over the weekend said an electrified border fence that could kill should be built on the Mexico-U.S. border. He later claimed the remark was a joke.

“This is no laughing matter, the border fence,” Bachmann said in Phoenix, CNN reports. “We’ve seen jokes made by presidential candidates about the fence. It is not a joke. This is a real issue, and this is a serious issue.”

Update: 11:48 a.m.: When shown the emails, Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner told the Daily Beast that the correspondence "appears to be a private conversation that has nothing to do with our campaign." Further investigation revealed that Lane is not employed by the campaign.

New emails obtained by the Daily Beast have cast doubt on the Perry campaign's attempts to disassociate itself from attacks on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith.

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