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Sarah Palin's bus tour is making an appearance today in New Hampshire -- the same day that Mitt Romney is officially announcing his presidential campaign in the state, and in fact she'll only be a few minutes' travel away from him. But as she says, it's just a coincidence.

CNN reports:

"I think that's exciting for him, that's great for him," Palin told reporters at her Boston hotel before touring historical sites along the city's Freedom Trail. "It's coincidental that we are in the same territory at the same time, but more power to Mitt as he mounts his campaign and best of luck to him."

News leaked late yesterday that Palin is organizing a clambake for Thursday evening along the New Hampshire seacoast, just minutes from the Stratham farm where Romney plans to officially announce his second presidential bid.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims that a draft executive order being considered by the Obama administration would be an assault on free speech. The proposed order would require federal contractors to disclose donations to third party groups. But many of the companies affiliated with the Chamber have extolled the values of disclosure and already publicly reveal their donations voluntarily.

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Newt Gingrich, fading fast in polls of the GOP field, is making support for Paul Ryan's budget -- which he once dubbed "right wing social engineering" -- his top cause.

In a letter sent out by Human Events on Wednesday, Gingrich asked Republicans to help him defeat "Mediscare 3," a an effort by Democrats to "divide Republicans and to lie about our efforts to save both Medicare and America from fiscal collapse." He also used the occasion to announce a sale on his line of DVDs, part of a bustling collection of businesses dubbed Newt Inc.

"For the third time in my public life the Democrats are once again using falsehoods to try to frighten the American people about Republicans and Medicare solutions," Gingrich wrote in his op-ed. "Think of this as 'Mediscare 3,' a bad sequel to two bad failures."

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Mitt Romney is kicking off his second presidential campaign later on Thursday, and -- according to published excerpts from the afternoon's big speech -- he'll do it with a healthy dose of fear-the-coming-socialist-tide rhetoric.

"We are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market economy," Romney will say in his New Hampshire speech, according to prepared remarks.

Excerpts of the address tease a speech that seeks to paint President Obama's America as leaning dangerously away from core capitalist principles.

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President Obama's re-election campaign, looking to build up strength while the GOP field fights for the nomination, is planning to raise at least $60 million in the next quarter. The money would include both donations to Obama's own campaign as well as to the Democratic National Committee.

Top Democratic officials and donors discussed the goal in a meeting in downtown Washington on Wednesday, according to Reuters, part of a broader plan to raise $750 million before election day. Some observers have suggested the campaign could cross the $1 billion mark.

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For all the inexplicable things Donald Trump has done in the past, none sent Jon Stewart over the edge quite like the way he ate pizza alongside Sarah Palin.

On The Daily Show Wednesday night, Stewart became apoplectic while reacting to Trump and Palin's pizza date in New York because the two didn't even go to an authentic New York restaurant, instead opting for a chain in Times Square. Stewart also took issue with how Trump ate his pizza because, as a native New Yorker, Trump's clueless etiquette was like a thumb in the city's eye.

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A man in Colorado was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly sent a manila envelope filled with white powder to state officials who were handling his back taxes case.

The envelope, which contained what turned out to be baking soda, also contained a 32-page letter that disputed the charges, and used language associated with the sovereign citizen movement, according to prosecutors.

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As Republicans have stepped up their attempts to prevent Elizabeth Warren's confirmation as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Democrats and progressives are building steam behind their call for President Obama to go around the GOP's obstruction.

In the past week, the number of Democratic lawmakers who have signed a letter calling on Obama to use his recess appointment powers to install Warren at the head of the newly-created CFPB has more than doubled from the 36 who were on the list last week.

The formal announcement of the new number of signatories -- which is expected to include some members of House Democratic leadership -- will come at a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday. Progressive groups are already calling the amped up recess appointment support a victory for their pro-Warren grassroots organizing efforts.

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