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Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), whose Tea Party following makes him one of the most high-profile endorsements in the country, is hopping into a competitive primary in the Nebraska Senate race to endorse Don Stenberg.

“The one complaint I hear most about him from the DC political class is that he can’t raise money,” DeMint said in an e-mail to supporters, per Hotline On Call. “This, of course, should be expected. He’s a grassroots candidate and doesn’t have national fundraising connections like establishment candidates.”

The move is especially loaded since one of the top contenders for the nomination, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning ®, has faced a slew of negative stories in recent months, including accusations that a land deal he made with two student loan executives represents a conflict of interest, a charge he denies. He also raised eyebrows earlier this year by comparing welfare recipients to scavenging raccoons, a quote he subsequently walked back.

Here's an interesting way to rally opposition to a ballot proposition that would allow for same-day voter registration: convince voters that its being pushed by gay activists and their pro-gay agenda.

That's what the Maine Republican Party did with ads they paid thousands of dollars to run in Maine newspapers.

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Former lobbyist and convicted felon Jack Abramoff thinks the Obama administration’s relationship with bankrupt solar power company Solyndra is “exactly the same thing” as the corrupt dealings he had with politicians.

Abramoff was interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday night as part of a promotional tour for his book Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington from America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist, which was officially released this week.

“In many of these cases you’ve got big bundlers, people donating huge money to the president — in this case Obama — they get access to the White House and then companies that they’re supporting get all this money, is that the same thing?” Hannity asked Abramoff.

“It’s exactly the same thing,” the former lobbyist responded.

“So they’re buying taxpayer money and they’re getting kickbacks, basically?” Hannity asked.

“Yes, and that’s going on throughout the system, it’s rife,” Abramoff said. “Many, many congressional offices participate in things like that, and the administration I guess at certain levels is doing the same thing, and that’s a problem for this country.”

The Washington Post reports:

Federal investigators said Tuesday they uncovered “gross mismanagement” at the Dover Air Force Base mortuary that cares for America’s war dead after whistleblowers reported horror stories of lost body parts, shoddy inventory controls and lax supervision.

Building A Better Ohio, the major organization fighting a repeal of anti-union legislation and backed by major Republicans in the state like Gov. John Kasich ®, isn’t having an election night party, according to a Democratic source in the state. Instead, Kasich and other Republicans will respond to the results at a press conference.

Update, 12:46: Gov. Kasich, Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus and Ohio House Speaker William G. Batchelder will respond to the vote tonight from the Statehouse, which will be streamed live here.