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Gloria Allred is introducing a new woman accusing Herman Cain of harassment. Sharon Bialek worked at the National Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation, Allred says.

Score one for the tobacco industry. Reuters reports a federal judge has sided with Big Tobacco and blocked graphic new warning labels the federal government wanted to add to a pack of cigarettes.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon sided with tobacco companies and granted a temporary injunction, saying they would likely prevail in their lawsuit challenging U.S. health regulators' rule as unconstitutional because it compels speech in violation of the First Amendment.

Howard Stern’s longtime producer, Benjy Bronk, upstaged the Gloria Allred unveiling of a Cain accuser by taking the podium ahead of the event. The move was not dissimilar to what he did during the Anthony Weiner debacle as that scandal descended into a media sideshow.

RedState’s Moe Lane is picking up on an angle already reported by TPM: that Herman Cain does not seem to be seriously contesting the Iowa primaries, and thus arguably the GOP nominating contest as a whole. Indeed, Lane, a regular writer for the conservative site is courting his readers' ire by comparing Cain’s Iowa campaign to Howard Dean’s in 2004.

Referencing a recent ABC News article that detailed the dearth of volunteers in Cain’s Iowa campaign offices, Lane writes: In 2004, Howard Dean had money. Howard Dean had polls. Howard Dean had a national campaign going. What Howard Dean did not have was a functional Iowa organization designed to bring people to the precinct polling stations an keep them there for up to two hours, which is why he came in third place."

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll coming out Monday night shows that 54 percent of Republican voters have “no concern” about voting for businessman Herman Cain after allegations he sexually harassed multiple women while at the National Restaurant Association. Cain has denied the allegations.

A tweet from NBC’s Mark Murray said that 15 percent have “just a little” concern about voting for Cain, 5 percent “quite a bit” and 8 percent “a great deal.”

Convicted felon Jack Abramoff took his recommendations for lobbying reform to 60 Minutes on Sunday night, arguing that Capitol Hill staffers shouldn't be allowed to become lobbyists.

"I would say or my staff would say to him or her at some point, 'you know, when you're done working on the hill, we'd very much like to consider coming to work for us.' Now the moment I said that to him, or any of our staff said that to him, that was it. We owned them," Abramoff told CBS's Lesley Stahl.

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A video credited to the hacker group Anonymous calling for the peaceful shut down of the Iowa Caucuses is garnering attention from law enforcement.

“Both parties are desecrating the American democracy and committing crimes against humanity on behalf of the American people,” a computer-generated voice says in the video.

The voice goes on to call the caucuses and primaries an “elaborate scam that deceives the public into voting for candidates that serve the private interests of the mega corporations,” before asking people to “occupy” campaign offices on December 27 and “peacefully shut own the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3.”

The FBI considers Anonymous a potential national security threat and has carried out more than 75 raids against the group.

Occupy Des Moines sought to distance itself from Anonymous. “There might be some overlap” in beliefs, “but Anonymous speaks for themselves and the Occupy Movement speaks for itself, ” David Goodner, a demonstrator who speaks on behalf of Occupy Des Moines told the Des Moines Register. “Whether the public can understand that or not, I’m not sure, but for me there’s a clear difference.”

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