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Stephen Colbert's "super PAC" Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow last week asked supporters to write the Federal Election Commission in "support" of American Crossroads' request to, essentially, coordinate "non-coordinated" campaign advertisements with politicians.

Colbert was mocking a request for an advisory opinion sent to the FEC on behalf of Karl Rove's American Crossroads which stated: "While these advertisements would be fully coordinated with incumbent Members of Congress facing re-election in 2012, they would presumably not qualify as 'coordinated communications."

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Okay, pizza is not actually a vegetable. Delicious, yes. But vegetable? Nope. The scant serving of tomato paste in school lunch pizza does, however, count as one half-cup serving of vegetables, thanks to the final version of the House-Senate agriculture spending bill.

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The Arizona Supreme Court on Thursday reinstated the chairwoman of Arizona’s redistricting commission.

Earlier in the month, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer ® removed Colleen Coyle Mathis as head of the commission in the middle of its deliberations over new voting maps for the state.

Members of the Occupy Memphis movement on Thursday night met with about 75 tea partiers. The meeting was mostly civil, the Associated Press reports, with the “Occupy” members fielding questions. Read more about the meeting here.

President Obama on Friday announced that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Myanmar. She will be the first secretary of state to travel there in more 50 fifty years. Watch Obama announce the trip, via the AP, below:

The drowning case of actress Natalie Wood will be reopened by Los Angeles homicide detectives, Reuters reports. Wood’s body was found floating in a Catalina Island cove in 1981. She was 43.

Occupy Wall Street supporters have blasted the New York Police Department's use of Long Range Acoustic Devices to respond to the civil disobedience actions that sprang up throughout Manhattan on Thursday.

"So it's official: NYPD is using LRAD sound cannons. Usually used during combat, they send harmful, pain inducing tones over long distances," tweeted the Occupied Wall Street Journal account.

"LRAD works according to the same principle as that old Memorex commercial. Your skull is the wine glass and the cops are Ella Fitzgerald," tweeted Anon Street Medics.

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