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The image below is the location where a reported shooting at Virginia Tech took place. The shooting reportedly occurred in the basketball arena’s parking lot.

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Thursday morning saw Mitt Romney finally shift onto the offensive over Newt Gingrich's surge in the polls. He brought out two surrogates - former NH Gov. John Sununu and Sen. Jim Talent.

They both raked Gingrich over the coals for his cutting remarks about Paul Ryan's medicare plan, and Talent had some choice words about Gingrich's time as House Speaker. These were the highlights:

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From the new site, which covers the election in the Sunshine State for the Scripps media company:

FLDemocracy has learned that Strategy Group for Media– the firm behind John Boozeman and Rand Paul advertising in 2010–contacted Florida stations yesterday to inquire about rates for Gingrich.

A local NBC affiliate reports that one person has been killed in a shooting on campus at Virginia Tech.

Here’s the latest from Virginia Tech’s website:

Suspect remains at large. A police officer has been shot. A potential second victim is reported at the Cage lot. Stay indoors. Secure in place.

President Obama is neck and neck with three potential GOP challengers in a new poll of North Carolina from Public Policy Polling (D). Obama is tied with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney at 46 percent in a trial heat, and former House Speaker is down four points, 49 – 45. Obama bests Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) by five percent as well.

From PPP:

The president has improved by ten points with independents both in the approval column and in the head-to-head against Romney, now trailing by only five points. Gingrich leads by four, and Paul by eight with unaffiliated voters. Gingrich’s problem is that he allows Obama to consolidate more of his base than Romney does, and a lot of Republicans are on the fence when faced with a choice of Obama and Paul.

Twitter on Thursday afternoon launched a major redesign of its website called #LetsFly, which promises to make the popular microblogging website “faster and simpler.”

The company said that the new features would be available immediately on mobile devices (iPhone and Android apps and mobile sites) and Tweetdeck, and would be rolled out for all desktop users over the coming weeks. Check out the new features in depth here. #LetsFly.

Virginia Tech’s news bureau reports that one police officer has been shot. A second potential victim has been reported. Students and people on campus are still urged to stay indoors.