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After holding back and observing the GOP field for several months, Elliot Management Corporation CEO Paul Singer has decided to throw his support behind Mitt Romney, but has made it clear that he was hoping for more in a candidate, Politico reports. Writing to his network to inform them of his decision, Singer wrote:

“Perfection in candidates is obtainable in the same place where imaginary friends reside. What we can hope to actually find in the real world, if we’re fortunate, are individuals of proven skill and talent, who embody integrity, and whose agenda is anchored in and draws strength from American ideals. Mitt Romney is that man.”

Democrats are pivoting off a new report showing five million of their voters could be disenfranchised next year with a new multi-level attack aimed at new voter restriction laws across the country.

Starting Wednesday, the DSCC is going up with a online plan called the 2012 Election Protection Project, designed to "raise awareness and fight back against partisan attacks on voting rights."

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Amidst the ongoing controversies surrounding the Republican primary calendar -- with Florida moving its contest to late January, and triggering a move up by the officially sanctioned early states -- some people have probably wondered if it might be possible to come up with better ways to pick a presidential nominee. But is there, really?

Already every cycle, the parties review the rules of their primary processes, and often make small or large adjustments. But can they produce major change?

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Democrats are launching a new campaign to pressure the Senate into confirming Richard Cordray as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog over the finance industry created by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law last year. The move comes as a grassroots movement, Occupy Wall Street, is dominating headlines with ongoing -- and growing -- protests in Lower Manhattan.

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A new Quinnipiac University poll has some bad numbers for President Obama and his handling of the economy. The President’s national approval rating is split at 41 – 55, the lowest for him in the Quinnipiac survey, but both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are far lower.

The reason was fairly clear: nearly eight in ten of those polled believe the economy is still in recession, along with only 11 percent who think the economy is getting better. A combined 88 percent the economy is either getting worse or stagnating.

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney holds a ten point lead over Obama on who would be better to handle the economy, with a near majority of 49 percent saying Romney would be preferable and 39 percent who think it’s better to stay with Obama. Voters say Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Republicans in Congress would be about the same.

CNN reports that 28 people were arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests Wednesday, when were allegedly the largest since the movement began about three weeks ago.