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Saif al-Islam, the last fugitive son of late deposed dictator Muammar al Qaddafi and one-time heir apparent to his rule, was captured on Saturday in the country’s southwestern desert region. Local militia commanders who have custody Saif al-Islam in custody are resisting turning him over to the provisional government until a formal national government is formed — something that may be days away.

Presidential contender Newt Gingrich released a new website to save his nervous supporters, primarily from himself. The website lays out 16 positions that he once held, but now either regrets or considers simply “wrong.”

For example, while he once favored an individual mandate to our healthcare system, Gingrich has now come “to the principled conclusion that a mandate to purchase health insurance was unconstitutional, unworkable and counterproductive to lowering the cost of health care.”

DES MOINES -- Much of the first half of Saturday's Mitt Romney-less social conservative debate here was focused on the problems Christians face in modern society.

They can't preach politics from the pulpit, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain said. They can't keep potential adoptees out of same sex families, all agreed. But it's Newt Gingrich who most starkly stated the uphill climb America's Christians are facing these days.

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The U.C. Davis chancellor has announced that a investigative task force will be formed in the wake of a disturbing pepper-spray incident at Occupy Davis, a protest on the university campus. In a video, police are seen pepper-spraying students even after they had been subdued. Watch the video:

IOWA GOP DEBATE — Rick Perry, talking about what it takes to order troops to war, said he doesn’t think we should “let some Washington politician sitting in an air conditioned office make” the call.

IOWA GOP DEBATE — Ron Paul: “I’m my own worst critic. I can’t stand watching myself on TV because all I see is my imperfections.”