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Stepped up search efforts yesterday by Mexican officials on Lake Falcon yielded no sign of David Hartley, the Texas man reportedly shot by "lake pirates" last Thursday while jet skiing and taking photographs with his wife on the Mexican side of a border-straddling lake. Hartley's wife Tiffany says the pair were approached by three boats of armed people, who fired at them and shot her husband in the head. She said she was able to escape on her own jet ski.

Yesterday, Tiffany Hartley went back out on the water of Falcon Lake, accompanied by members of David's family, and placed a wreath on the water. CBS's The Early Show said she had laid the flowers near the site of the incident, while MSNBC reported that she stayed in American waters.

This morning, Tiffany Hartley made television appearances for the third straight day.

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Federal prosecutors have issued a new round of subpoenas in their probe of John Edwards' campaign finances -- giving the investigation seemingly stalled for a year fresh signs of life, the Associated Press reported.

Lawyer Wade Smith told the AP that he learned from other attorneys and sources that several new subpoenas were issued, but declined to discuss who received the subpoenas or what those subpoenas were seeking. Smith did not immediately return a message left by TPMMuckraker, and Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said the department was declining comment.

But according to CNN Producer Raelyn Johnson, prosecutors are casting net "much wider than they did a year ago."

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Thomas Perez, the head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, went to Murfreesboro, Tenn., last week in an attempt to reassure Muslims there who have been the victims of arson and vandalism.

The Nashville Scene reports that Perez traveled around Murfreesboro on Sept. 28, speaking to leaders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and other Muslims.

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The three candidates vying for Florida's open Senate seat met in their first primetime debate last night. According to reports from the event, confirmed frontrunner and Republican nominee Marco Rubio was the target, with Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek and independent candidate Charlie Crist trying to curb Rubio's surging poll momentum.

Their preferred method? Push Rubio as far to the right as they could, thus leaving him out in the cold among the Sunshine State's swingy moderate electorate.

"You want to take us back to Dick Cheney days," Meek sniped at Rubio, according to the Washington Post.

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Yesterday a federal judge decided to exclude testimony from a witness in the trial of a former Guantanamo Bay detainee on the grounds that investigators only learned about the witness only after the suspected terrorist underwent coercive interrogation in a secret CIA prison.

Now Liz Cheney has blamed the Obama administration for the decision to try Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani in civilian court in the first place -- even though it was a Bush administration decision to hold him in a secret prison which lead to the ruling yesterday.

"The Obama Administration has dedicated itself to providing al Qaeda terrorists the kind of due process rights normally reserved for American citizens," Cheney said in a statement sent to TPMMuckraker.

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"With common-sense exceptions for seniors, veterans, and our troops, we will roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone and putting us on a path to balance the budget and pay down the debt."

So reads the House Republicans' "Pledge to America" -- a supposedly deficit-reducing plan that calls for trillions of dollars' worth of specific tax cuts, but only $100 billion of non-specific spending cuts to offset that cost.

Still, $100 billion pays for a lot of things. Bloomberg took a close look at just what would take a hit under the Republican plan -- adding specificity where the Republicans offered none. Here are the top five issues that would suffer under the Pledge to America.

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Last night, Jon Stewart announced the location of his Rally To Restore Sanity on October 30, in Washington, D.C. "It's not the Lincoln memorial, where the historic Martin Luther King spoke, or the hysteric Glenn Beck spoke," he said. It is at the east end of the National Mall, between 3rd Street and 7th Street, known as East Seaton Park and Henry Park. "As far as we know," Stewart continued, "no huge iconic event has ever taken place there.

"And," he added, "it's far enough away from Ground Zero, 206 miles, for us to have Aasif [Mandvi] at the event. As long as he stays on the southernmost part of the stage."

Stewart also said that all donations in support of the rally should be made to the Trust For The National Mall.

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Jon Stewart talked about Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell's new ad last night, in which she says: "I am not a witch. I'm you."

"I know this game," Jon said. "I am not a centaur." He added: "You're me? Because I don't recall the last time I had to deny I was a witch."

He continued that O'Donnell is "about 16 points down in the polls, probably because she exhibits the type of judgment that has her denying she is a witch while standing in front of what appears to be steam from a bubbling cauldron."

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