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Is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) starting to step away from his image as a relative GOP moderate? He's now calling for a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, an idea that has become a cause célèbre on the right.

"But there's another problem we have in this nation that I think is novel and needs to be fixed. If you come across the border illegally and you have a child in America, automatically, that child becomes an American citizen. Under the 14th Amendment, three court cases says there's a constitutional right to that," Graham said in an appearance Wednesday on Greta Van Susteren's show.

He also added: "But I may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules if you have a child here. Birthright citizenship I think is a mistake, that we should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally and you have a child, that child's automatically not a citizen."

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Shunning the man Sarah Palin endorsed to be the next Senator from Washington state -- tea party favorite Clint Didier (R) -- Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has decided to back the national party's choice in the race, former gubernatorial nominee Dino Rossi (R).

The Washington Post previews tomorrow's announcement:

"When I met with Dino a couple months ago, he made it clear he was only interested in running if Republicans were serious about saving our country from fiscal collapse," DeMint will say in announcing the endorsement. "I've studied his record and his positions on the key issues, and it's clear that he will stand up to the establishment in both parties."

DeMint's backing gives Rossi some of the conservative cred he needs to keep Didier and his supporters at bay. But it also gives him a connection with the tea party side of the GOP that might not sit well with general election voters in the blue state. But in the short-term, DeMint's backing probably means a big new revenue stream for Rossi, who needs to raise a lot of money fast if he wants to eliminate Sen. Patty Murray's (D) cash advantage.

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Let's get one thing straight, Diane Serafin told me this afternoon -- the people (and their dogs) protesting a planned mosque in Temecula, California tomorrow are not bigots. It's not Muslims per se that they have a problem with -- it's the fact that Imams are slowly infiltrating American society, hoping to force Sharia law on us all.

Muslim construction projects have been the subject of public protests nationwide these days (as we've reported), but Serafin's demonstration is different from all the rest. She's calling on people to bring their dogs and join in song tomorrow afternoon because, she told me, Muslims just hate dogs and songs. Of course, Muslim antipathy toward canines isn't their worst offense, she told me.

"They hate Jews, they hate Chrisitans, they hate women, they hate dogs," Serafin said. "[The idea of the new mosque] scares the daylights out of me."

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A new Rasmussen poll of the Wisconsin Senate race shows incumbent Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold trailing Republican Ron Johnson, the frontrunner in the September 14 GOP Senate primary. The poll gives Johnson a narrow 48%-46% lead.

Recent polling has also shown the race to be tight. A Rasmussen survey from two weeks ago put Johnson ahead by one point, while a Magellan survey from July 12 showed Feingold up two.

Against Republican Dave Westlake, a long shot for the Republican nomination, Feingold fares better. The latest Rasmussen survey shows the Democrat leading Westlake 49%-39%.

The TPM Poll Average now gives Johnson a 48.5%-46.4% edge over Feingold, who in turn is up 48.3%-39.1% over Westlake. The margin of error for the latest Rasmussen survey is ±4.0 percentage points.

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In its latest tale about how President Obama is out to attack all that is good and right about America, Fox News yesterday alleged that the Justice Department is now purposely disenfranchising America's troops, too.

The charges come originally from Sen. John Cornyn, courtesy of Fox resident ginner-upper J. Christian Adams -- the same Adams who's pushing allegations of racial favoritism against the DOJ.

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Despite reports of a deal, the House ethics panel just began its first public meeting on the charges against Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY). And for the first time, we're hearing the charges.

The panel is charging Rangel with 13 violations. They fall into four groups:

One, violations regarding fundraising Rangel did for a City College educational center named after him.

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President Obama will head to Los Angeles next month for a major fundraiser to help House Democrats, gearing up his political activity with less than 100 days to go before the fall midterm elections.

Over the last few days, Democratic political operatives at press events and on calls with supporters have pointedly said they've "noticed" that Obama has gotten more aggressive and helpful in recent weeks. It might have something to do with a dust-up between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs earlier this month over how likely it is the Republicans have a chance at seizing control of Congress in November.

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), who ousted Democratic Gov. Gray Davis in a stunning 2003 recall election, has now suffered all the natural consequences of actually being governor of California -- in fact, he's so unpopular that voters might actually prefer having Gray Davis back. But beyond that, the state's systemic problems that have ruined the both of them are here to stay.

The new survey by Public Policy Polling (D) gives Arnold an approval rating of only 19%, with a whopping 71% disapproval. By contrast, Gray Davis's personal favorable rating is a much healthier (but still awful) 32%, with an unfavorable rating of 44%. Respondents were asked: "Who would you rather have as Governor now, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Gray Davis?" The answer turned out to be Davis 44%, Schwarzenegger 38%. The survey of registered voters has a ±3.95% margin of error.

This same batch of polling also gave Democratic former Governor and current state Attorney General Jerry Brown a 46%-40% lead over Republican former eBay CEO Meg Whitman -- the same six-point margin between Davis and Schwarzenegger. PPP's Tom Jensen writes: "The Davis/Schwarzenegger breakdown is actually a pretty good proxy for this year's Governor's race. Voters in the state don't like Jerry Brown (or Davis) but they like Whitman (or Schwarzenegger) even less and that drives a Democratic lead."

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That didn't take long.

The Warren Group, a Los Angeles-based consulting group that was working for Democratic nominee Alvin Greene's campaign for senator of South Carolina, announced yesterday that they are leaving the campaign, after less than a week.

Donna Warren, who started the group, cited the company's location in Los Angeles as the reason for its departure.

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