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“Heavy fighting between government forces and defected military troops shook the Yemeni capital early Friday, killing two people in what could signal the start of a power struggle just days after autocratic President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to end his 33-year rule, according to the AP.

“Stocks and the euro fell Friday in Europe and Asia, and New York was primed for a decline at the opening bell, after Italy’s borrowing costs soared and Hungary’s credit rating was cut to junk by Moody’s Investors Service, adding to the sense that European leaders are losing control of events,” the New York Times reports.

“The Syrian armed forces say in a rare televised statement that six elite military pilots have been killed in an ambush,” the AP reports. “Friday’s statement said the attack happened the day before in Homs province and it marked a dangerous escalation in the conflict.”

“Tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to military rule converged on Cairo’s Tahrir square on Friday in what activists say will be the biggest day yet in a week of demonstrations in which 41 people have been killed,” Reuters reports.

The New York Times talks to Boston stylist Leon de Magistris, who’s been cutting Mitt Romney’s hair for years.

The biggest news:

Despite holding its shape under all but the most extreme conditions, it is gel and mousse-free. “I don’t put any product in there,” he avowed.

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It’s Black Friday, and that means it’s time for the tales of injury and chaos for people seeking deals.

The first comes from California, where the Los Angeles Times reports a woman at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart whipped out some pepper spray “to gain an advantage in the fight for merchandise.”

The woman sprayed fellow shoppers during a fight for video games Thursday night. She is still at large. Read the rest here.

STEPHEN BEALE There's something fishy about the design of futuristic, eco-friendly cars like the Toyota Prius, Mercedes Benz concept Bionic and the Nissan concept EPORO, namely that their designs seem to be inspired by marine animals. In the case of the Bionic, one animal in particular was the model: The humble boxfish.

This is the unlikely story of how the little fish came to be seen as a symbol of technological progress and prowess by one of the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers.

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Another 140 megawatts of wind power, enough to power over 38,000 homes, is set to be up and running in Pennsylvania by 2013 thanks to German wind turbine company REPower Systems, which on Wednesday announced it had inked a deal with American wind developer EverPower to provide 68 wind turbines for a planned wind farm in Somerset.

"This is one of the largest single orders for REpower," said Andreas Nauen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REpower Systems, in a statement. "We appreciate the confidence our US customers place in us."

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