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The most contentious issue in the fundamental swing state of Ohio, and Mitt Romney. What could possibly go wrong?

The former Mass. Gov.'s rapid turnabout on SB 5, the anti-union legislation currently facing a repeal referendum in Ohio, is not notable in a vaccum. Romney has faced the flip-flop charge during his whole national political career. But on Tuesday morning when he stepped into a call center full of conservative volunteers pushing back against the unpopular bill's downfall, he was expected to say one thing: "I support SB 5." It wasn't until the following morning before he uttered those words.

Romney's SB 5 flip-flop could come back to hurt him. Here's why:

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The House Majority PAC -- a fundraising machine charged with boosting Democratic numbers in Congress -- released polls today which suggest saying you struggle on the $174,000 taxpayers pay you for being in the House isn't exactly the right move if you want to keep your job.

House Majority PAC sponsored 12 PPP polls in vulnerable GOP districts earlier this month. What they found backed up national polling showing voters growing disenchanted with the Republican majority they put in charge of the House in 2010. And that's not good news for Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), the man who had to apologize for saying it's hard to raise his large family on a salary three-and-half times that of his average constituent.

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Donald Trump went on CNN last night to question, once again, whether President Obama’s birth certificate is real. “As you know — check out the internet — many people say it’s not real,” Trump told Piers Morgan.

The issue will help Rick Perry in the Republican primary, Trump said, but maybe not so much in the general election. Watch the video: