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Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who has been publicly accused of putting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold, had another flare-up on Thursday -- this time with a reporter.

The local Fox affiliate in Milwaukee sent reporter Mike Lowe to the state Capitol in Madison, seeking to track down the members of the Supreme Court, including Prosser, and repeatedly ask them for comment.

In all, Lowe caught up with four out of the seven Justices. Of course, the Justices predictably declined to comment on a matter that is under a pending investigation -- especially a story that is embarrassing the court.

But when Prosser met up with Lowe, he quickly grabbed the microphone out of Lowe's hand, before just as quickly handing it right back to the surprised reporter -- apparently realizing that was a really bad idea in front of a video camera

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The race for the Republican presidential nomination just got a big dose of electric guitar. USA Today's Jackie Kucinich reports that Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) will make official Saturday what he's been hinting at for months: he's a candidate for president.

McCotter, a name most people don't know but a former player in House Republican leadership, has already made moves to suggest serious about his bid.

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A Planned Parenthood branch in Kansas said Thursday that has been licensed under the state's new law regarding abortion clinics, meaning it will be the only abortion clinic that will remain open Friday once the new law takes effect.

The license came through after Planned Parenthood announced a lawsuit against the law on Thursday. "We have been targeted in this bill and Kansas women are the ones who will suffer if their health care is taken away," Peter Brownlie, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said in a statement. "This is radical, extreme government intrusion into private health care."

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Minnesota lawmakers have just hours to avert a state government shutdown. And while talks continued on Thursday a deal did not yet appear close.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton again held meetings with Republican leaders Thursday, the Star Tribune reports. A couple of jibes against Democrats were launched via Twitter, but lawmakers have mostly maintained their "cone of silence" while negotiations are underway.

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A federal judge denied Boeing's motion to dismiss a National Labor Relations Board lawsuit that charged the aerospace giant with unfairly penalizing Washington workers' collective bargaining rights by moving a new production line to South Carolina.

Administrative Law Judge Clifford Anderson is allowing the case against Boeing to proceed to trial. The NLRB charged Boeing executives with retaliating against union workers in Washington state for striking by opening up the South Carolina factory, which Boeing flat-out denies.

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An innovative Twitter-like web platform has emerged as an important new arena for Chinese politics and society.

Since its founding in 2009, Sina Weibo has grown to more than 100 million users with a combination of the familiar 140-character updates and features that make the service more advanced than Twitter in important ways.

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Traditional deep sea drilling rigs are bulky, expensive and need a relatively stable platform to operate, so they can't work in rough weather. These next-generation drill systems, however, bypass the problem completely by setting up shop on the seafloor.

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