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Netflix on Monday regained some confidence among investors, thanks not to anything the streaming video company did right, but something it just might do: Sell itself to Verizon.

The report, which came by way of DealReporter (paywall), sent Netflix shares up 6.8 percent during midday trading, reported. And that gain mostly held up throughout the day, too, with Netflix stock closing up 6.18 percent.

For a company that's lost nearly 80 percent of its value since a peak in June, that's pretty good news. (Netflix is currently worth about $3.4 billion based on market capitalization, according to Forbes, which also anticipates a takeover.)

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The Ohio House will consider a bill to move the Ohio presidential primary up from June to May, and preserve the current filing deadline of December 7, 2011. If the bill passes, Bachmann, Santorum, Huntsman, and Paul would not be on the ballot. They would have to run as write-in candidates.

Update: It looks like the deadline in this case would actually be March 8, so the candidates are safe for now.

In a hearing before the Senate Agriculture Committee, Jon Corzine, former chairman and CEO of MF Global, Bradley Abelow, president and CEO, and Henri Steenkamp, the CFO of the firm, denied knowledge of what happened to around $1.2 billion in customer funds that went missing in the days before MF Global went bankrupt.

David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network is up with a post outlining reasons why Newt Gingrich is connecting with evangelical voters in Iowa despite the multiple marriages issue.

He says it boils down to Newt’s “lack of political correctness” on issues like “Radical Islam and Sharia Law,” “Judeo-Christian principles” and “liberal judges.” He notes it also has something to do with his delivery:

Gingrich speaks about these issues in such a unique, historical, artful and compelling way so even though other candidates may share his overall views, Gingrich wraps it up so neatly that audience members also get a history lesson at the same time. After hearing Gingrich, people leave campaign events feeling like they learned something.

The Tea Party Patriots, a large grassroots network of state and local Tea Party groups, is hosting Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann via telephone for a brief town hall-style Q & A on Sunday.

“This is a chance for candidates to make their case to the tea party, and for Americans across the country to find out who will represent and advance their principles in office,” TPP co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement.

Romney has always kept a healthy distance between himself and the movement, stopping by a major Tea Party rally for the first time just this Fall.

The RNCC are asking their Democratic colleagues to return millions in donations from MF Global, the now-bankrupt brokerage firm run by former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine. But, as Roll Call reports, Republicans, including the RNCC, have also received big donations from the disgraced Wall Street firm and its affiliates.

Herman Cain on Monday appeared on Sean Hannity’s program to express his disappointment with Saturday night’s Republican debate.

“There were no winners in that debate Saturday night,” Cain said. “The public lost because they didn’t learn a lot.”

Cain added that he didn’t think Mitt Romney’s $10,000 bet offer was a big gaffe. Watch the interview:

Rick Perry is out with a new Iowa ad, railing against political correctness. In Washington, Perry says, “double speak” rules and lawmakers don’t tell the whole truth. In the ad, Perry says he is an “outsider” who will tell voters the truth. Watch:

The AP reports:

An official says the grenade and gunfire attack that killed two people and injured 64 in the Belgian city of Liege was not related to terrorism.