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For all its import, the economy can be a pretty boring subject. The last time the GOP presidential hopefuls gathered to discuss it under the benign gaze of several Bloomberg reporters it led to the most somnolent debate of the cycle yet.

For the most part, CNBC's debate on Wednesday night avoided this trap. And one of the main reasons was one of their hosts: Jim Cramer. Yes, that Jim Cramer.

Check out some of his craziest debate moments below:

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The price of the material from which most conventional solar panels are made is going to continue to plummet, reports Bloomberg

The price of polysilicon is expected to drop nearly 40 percent from its already rock-bottom price of $33 per kilogram today to $20 per kilogram after 2012, according to an analyst at HSBC Bank quoted in the Bloomberg report. Three years ago, the price of polysilicon was $435 per kilogram.

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Elizabeth Warren has responded to the new attack ad from Karl Rove's group, Crossroads GPS, which linked her to all manner of alleged depravity and radicalism at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In an interview with the local ABC affiliate in Boston, Warren was asked whether it was fair to link her so closely to the protests -- and in response Warren did not back down.

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Richard Nixon thought the infamous 18.5 minute gap in a tape recording at the precise time he was allegedly discussing the Watergate break-ins was a simple accident by his longtime secretary Rose Woods.

Those so-called "experts" who tried to recreate how the tapes might have been erased? A bunch of "amateurs" and "clowns."

"All they said is that you had to have the record button on and you had to have -- in this case Miss Woods was using a foot pedal -- when I listened to the tape I have not done that, but of course when you are not typing you don't need a foot pedal, you can just listen the other way," Nixon said.

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Today's Campaign In 100 Seconds is um... er... Well, it deals with the subject of... ah... that guy... You know, that governor... He's just basically blown his entire campaign... Help me out here... Ah... Anyway, watch below:

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Richard Nixon wanted prosecutors to get something straight during his grand jury testimony on the Watergate controversy: wealthy D.C. socialite Perle Mesta wasn't made ambassador to Luxembourg just "because she had big bosoms." It was just because she "made a good contribution."

Mesta -- pictured here -- was appointed to the Luxembourg post by President Harry Truman in 1949 and died in March of 1975. Nixon's grand jury testimony was three months after she died.

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Rush Limbaugh continued his rhetorical attacks Thursday, against the women who have accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment -- with some more good old-fashioned misogyny.

Limbaugh commented on the effort by accuser Karen Kraushaar, to put together a joint press conference of the women involved.

"I did ask yesterday, what's the big deal with the panel here?" Limbaugh said. "Do they want to synchronize their menstrual periods? Why appear together? What, does it give added weight?"

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The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to pass two modest pieces of President Obama's jobs bill.

The final vote was 95-0 with one senator voting "present." The legislation, which is expected to pass in the House, will provide tax credits to businesses who hire unemployed veterans, and, separately, will eliminate a requirement that the IRS withhold three percent of government contracts, to assure compliance with the tax code. That requirement isn't currently in effect, but is scheduled to be implemented January 1, 2012.

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