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There is no doubt that Google is shaping our future, but it is also doing its part to preserve the ancient past, creating searchable digital copies of The Dead Sea Scrolls using high-resolution photographs taken by a celebrated anitquities photographer.

To be more specific, Google has digitzed - or made digital copies of - five of the most-complete scrolls, allowing Web users to see them up close in extreme detail (1,200 megapixels), and to search for specific passages in English and Hebrew. The digitized copies of The Great Isaiah Scroll, The Temple Scroll, The Community Rule Scroll and The Commentary on The Habakkuk Scroll are available online at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem's website.

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The food fight between the parties continues. But Democrats see a way out of the latest government shutdown fight -- it's just a question of timing, and, of course, Republican cooperation.

Earlier Monday, we learned that FEMA's disaster relief fund had a bit more money in it than officials expected it would late last week. It's possible, even, that the agency will be able to make it through September 30 (the end of the fiscal year) without needing an emergency cash injection.

If it can, then the grounds for this fight disappear. Here's why:

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UPDATE - 3:30 p.m. Eastern: White House reporters have identified the man as Doug Edwards, former director of communications and marketing at Google. Here's his Twitter profile.

An unidentified man who made a killing in Silicon Valley implored President Obama to "please raise my taxes" at a LinkedIn Townhall event Monday.

"Mr. President. I don't have a job, but that is because I have been lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley for a while and work for a small startup company down the street who did quite well," he said. "So, I am unemployed by choice. My question is -- would you please raise my taxes?"

The question drew stunned laughter and then applause from the small audience.

"I would like very much to have the country to continue to invest in things like Pell grants and infrastructure and jobs training programs that made it possible for me to get to where I am," he said.

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The AOL TechCrunch saga that began with the news of founder and editor Michael Arrington's new venture fund and concluded with his ouster and the noisy public resignation of writer Paul Carr has come full circle: Arrington has launched a new blog, "Uncrunched," and Arrington's "CrunchFund" is backing a new company from Carr.

Arrington was officially pushed out of AOL on September 12 by chief-of-content Arianna Huffington over perceived conflict-of-interest issues (he wanted to stay on as TechCrunch editor while launching the joint venture fund with AOL to invest in the same tech companies the blog would cover.)

On Friday, Arrington launched his new blog "Uncrunched," on WordPress, with a conspicuous header featuring the "Unpaid Blogger" T-shirt he wore as an overt jab at Huffington, whose Huffington Post media empire thrives on the work of unpaid contributors. (AOL bought TechCrunch in September 2010 for an estimated $20 to $40 million, and The Huffington Post in February for an estimated $315 million.)

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It appears the Senate has reached a bipartisan deal that will avert a government shut down, at least until November 18th, when funding for FEMA is slated to run out again. Details to come soon.

Perhaps there is something to these rumors after all. Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is set to deliver a speech tomorrow at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The title? “Real American Eceptionalism.”

“The speech uses President Reagan’s transformative leadership to depict how the United States' role and significance in the world is defined by who we are at home,” Maria Comella, a spokeswoman for the governor, told Politico.

There's a lot of buzz around a Chris Christie run this week, thanks mostly to an all-out effort by big money Republicans to recruit him for a run.

So who are these guys? In July, Christie attended a meeting with a "who's who A-list of successful fundraisers," as FOX News put it to discuss a possible presidential bid. The group reportedly included several billionaires, including its host, Home Depot co-founder and venture capitalist Kenneth Langone, who appears to be the most enthusiastic driver of the Christie boomlet.

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