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We knew from the release of his amorous texts that Kwame Kilpatrick, the disgraced former mayor of Detroit, isn't exactly a stand-up guy. But was he also on the take?

The Detroit News reported Monday that federal prosecutors will soon bring felony charges against Kilpatrick -- who did jail time last year after pleading guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice charges -- and his father Bernard Kilpatrick. The Feds have been probing pay-to-play allegations in Detroit city government, including claims that contractors seeking business from City Hall were told to hire Bernard Kilpatrick as a consultant.

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Sen. John McCain attacked President Obama and Congressional Democrats at the health care summit for what he said was "unsavory" dealmaking, prompting a reminder from Obama that the 2008 campaign is over.

McCain, facing a tough primary challenge from the right, used Republican talking points about "special deals" which are no longer in the bill and cited the 2,400-page document that passed the Senate.

He called on Obama to "start over," and said voters "want us to sit down together and do what's best for all Americans."

"They want us to go back to the beginning," McCain said.

Obama reminded McCain (R-AZ) that "We're not campaigning anymore. The election is over."

"I'm reminded of that every day," McCain retorted.

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President Obama took Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) to task today for misrepresenting what the CBO says health care reform will do to peoples' premiums.

"Let me respond to what you just said, Lamar, because it's not factually accurate," Obama said. "The cost for families for the same type of coverage as they're currently receiving would go down 14 to 20 percent."

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A new survey from Public Policy Polling (D) finds that freshman Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM) is in danger of losing re-election against his Republican predecessor, former Rep. Steve Pearce.

The numbers, among registered voters: Pearce 43%, Teague 41%, with a ±4.9% margin of error. Keep in mind that this is a poll of registered voters, not likely voters. What this means is that if the enthusiasm gap continues to favor Republicans, the ultimate election numbers could be even more difficult for Teague.

Teague picked up the state's Second District in 2008, when Pearce retired from the seat in order to make an unsuccessful run for the United State Senate. (All three of New Mexico's House members sought the Senate seat that year.) Teague picked up this normally Republican seat by a margin of 56%-44%, and John McCain only carried it by a 50%-49% margin in the heavily Democratic year.

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February 24, 2010: Protesters hold signs and chant "no more lies" at Harold Ford, Jr., during a meeting of the Stonewall Democrats' New York City chapter. Ford, a former congressman who's considering a challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), spoke to the often angry members of one of New York's largest gay political organizations. Ford voted in 2004 for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, and many present at the event were outraged at his appearance. TPM was on the scene...

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

Harold Ford awaits his introduction from a seat in the audience.

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

Lt. Dan Choi, a National Guardsman and well-known opponent of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, questions Ford on the policy.

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

During his talk, Ford says: "I freely admit there are issues I've evolved on," and that "the position I hold now is the right one."

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

Cathy Marino-Thomas, president of Marriage Equality New York, asks Ford if he will work with her to legalize gay marriage.

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

The crowd was at times so unruly that it prompted one audience member to yell out "stop acting like tea party people!"

Jillian Rayfield/TPM

In his opening remarks at the health care summit this morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sought to...downplay...the likelihood that Democrats will finish off health care reform by using the reconciliation process.

"No one has talked about reconciliation," he said.

It's true that reconciliation isn't the only technical way to finish off reform. And Reid would likely be happier not using reconciliation--he'd rather get one or two Republican votes and finish off reform through the regular order. But the fact is, if Democrats do pass health care, they will in all likelihood do so by using the reconciliation process.

It is a much-discussed option to say the least.

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Leaked documents showing that Marco Rubio charged computer supplies, groceries, and products from a music equipment store and a wine store, among other items, to the Florida GOP may represent the first major bump in the road for the U.S. Senate candidate and conservative darling. But was the leak an act of political payback?

In a letter to the state party chair, Rubio accused former party chair Jim Greer -- a close ally of Rubio's rival, Gov. Charlie Crist -- of being behind the leak. "It is clear these internal documents were taken from the RPOF by former Chairman Jim Greer, or someone working for him, and were leaked to the media by the Crist Campaign," Rubio wrote, calling the leak, "an appalling act of political desperation."

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The Republicans let Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) give the GOP's opening statement at today's health care summit. His opening bid? Democrats should scrap their entire plan and start from scratch. That's perfectly expected. But he also repeated the Republican line that Democrats are planning to jam "health care reform" through the majority-rules budget reconciliation process.

That's not true.

Democrats have already passed comprehensive legislation through regular order in both chambers. Two different bills What they're planning, tentatively, to do now is use reconciliation to make some minor changes to one of those bills.

Though he once himself supported the comprehensive Wyden-Bennett approach to health care, Alexander now says Republicans favor a non-comprehensive approach.

RNC Chair Michael Steele, appearing on MSNBC this morning ahead of the health care summit, compared health insurance to having a driver's license.

"Health care insurance is a right or a privilege? Is your driver's license a right or a privilege?" Steele said.

"Fundamentally speaking, I don't see health care insurance guaranteed in the Constitution," he added.


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