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CNN reports:

The Justice Department formally announced on Wednesday it will appeal to the Supreme Court an appeals court ruling that struck down key portions of the Affordable Care Act law.

Speaking to a conservative breakfast club in Iowa today, Anita Perry was unusually candid with the gathered crowd, the Des Moines Register reports.

“He not be the best debater,” she said.

The First Lady of Texas also admitted that the late start to the campaign had her husband “a little behind the power curve,” before adding that he would be better prepared for the next debate.

Two good government groups have formally asked the IRS to investigate the actions of Crossroads GPS, Priorities USA, American Action Network and Americans Elect, who they say should be inelligible for tax exempt status.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, officials with the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 write, section 501(c)(4) organizations "are required to primarily engage in the promotion of social welfare in order to obtain tax exempt status."

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Want to drive more students into science and technology? Get 'em early.

That's according to a new Microsoft-sponsored study released this month. Nearly 80 percent of college students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or math say they decided to do so in high school or earlier. Meanwhile, just over twenty percent of students surveyed said they had made their decision by as early as middle school.

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Flamboyant real-estate mogul Donald Trump has just dissed NBC’s Chuck Todd on Twitter, saying he “falls far short” of the late Tim Russert. Russert hosted “Meet the Press” for 16 years.

After declining to back down from his earlier comments on immigration as recently as this morning, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) seems to be changing his tune.

In an interview with Newsmax.TV, Perry referred to his remark that anyone who opposed giving tuition breaks to children of illegal immigrants was “heartless” and admitted that he was “probably a bit over-passionate by using that word.”

He went on to defend his position, however, noting “In Texas in 2001 we had 181 members of the legislature—only four voted against this piece of legislation—because it wasn’t about immigration it was about education.”

The George Allen campaign sends along the following quote from former actor/ senator/ presidential contender Fred Thompson:

“I had the privilege of working alongside George Allen when I was in the U.S. Senate and I selected him as co-chair of my Presidential Campaign. He has been a trusted friend and advisor for many years and I know he has the steadfast conservative principles that our country needs in this time of economic crisis. He will spend every day fighting with conviction for the values of Virginians in the U.S. Senate.

“George Allen has a long track record of success bringing fiscal responsibility to government, and he has a clear vision for getting the American economy back on track. With unemployment stuck over 9% and our national debt sky rocketing out-of-control, we need someone who will fight for policies that grow the economy, not the government. George Allen has always stood strong on his small government principles and he knows what it takes to help businesses create jobs. I am proud to stand with George Allen and I strongly urge my neighbors in Virginia to send him back to the U.S. Senate.”

Rick Perry has taken a lot of flak over his possibly bid-killing book, "Fed Up." Now the Texas governor is taking a leaf out of Mitt Romney's playbook, and trying to put the focus on Romney's own tome, "No Apologies." Perry's camp accuses the former Massachusetts governor of altering passages in later editions of his book to remove some kind words for the 2009 stimulus package.

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