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A recent newsletter from the Republican Party in Medina County, Ohio, flagged by EMILY's List, contains a specific attack on Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton: "Let's take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen."

County GOP chairman Bill Heck told TPMDC that the newsletter was "an attention-getter" in terms of its political rhetoric. "I'm not sure that it was intended -- in fact I'm positive that it was not in intended to be sexist," said Heck. "In fact, it was speaking to the people of that district, and not intended to be a sexist comment."

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Last night, Stephen Colbert addressed the claims by an anti-immigration leader that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sold out to pro-amnesty groups in order to keep his supposed homosexuality a secret.

Colbert wasn't buying it: "If Lindsey Graham found men sexually attractive, why would he hang out with Joe Lieberman?"

Perhaps "to cure himself," Colbert suggested.

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Jon Stewart was pretty angry last night that an Islamic group threatened the creators of South Park, after a recent episode featured someone in a bear suit said to be the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe it's blasphemous to depict the Prophet in any form.

Stewart took the time to thank viewers who have handled The Daily Show's depictions of religion so well, because "we've been assholes."

He ended with a message to the Islamic group, once again featuring back-up from a gospel choir: "Go fuck yourself."

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The Marco Rubio train is leaving the station, and if you're a Republican star -- or a wannabe Republican star -- you had best be on it. Today, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (firmly in the latter category) became the latest national Republican to get on board the Rubio campaign, giving Rubio is full-throated endorsement this morning.

"Marco is every limited government conservative's dream candidate, and every big government proponent's worst nightmare," Santorum said in an interview on Bill Bennett's radio show.

Santorum is just one of a long line of national party figures kissing Rubio's ring these days. In the past two weeks, Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor and Dick Cheney (among others) have expressed their support for him, working to get their endorsements in before Gov. Charlie Crist leaves the primary fight to run as an independent.

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Democrats will be casting their legislative response to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision as nonpartisan and will say that the majority of Americans favor transparency requirements in the wake of allowing corporations to get involved in elections.

TPMDC obtained House Democrats' talking points on the new measure and a summary of the legislation that's being sent to members. Already Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) has a Republican co-sponsor, Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE). No Republicans have signed on to Sen. Chuck Schumer's version on the Senate side.

"This is not a partisan issue," members are instructed to say. "We hope that people on both sides of the aisle can agree that Americans have a right to know who is spending money on elections."

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Formal court martial charges have been brought against Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army doctor who believes President Obama may not be a natural born citizen, for failing to follow orders, the military said today.

Lakin was charged Thursday "with one specification of a violation of Article 87, Missing Movement and four specifications of a violation of Article 92 (three specifications of Failure to Obey a Lawful Order, and one Specification of Dereliction of Duty)," said Chuck Dasey, spokesman at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where Lakin is assigned.

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G-20 Officials Convene At IMF Finance officials from around the world are meeting today at the International Monetary Fund, with the United States represented by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: The Associated Press reports: "The [Obama] administration is hoping the G-20 will endorse a set of financial reforms that will complement the sweeping overhaul that President Barack Obama is seeking to get approved in Congress. The U.S. measure was scheduled for an initial showdown vote in the Senate on Monday."

Obama's Day Ahead President Obama will deliver remarks at 10 a.m. ET, at a naturalization ceremony in the Rose Garden for active duty service members. The President and First Lady will depart from the White House at 11:45 a.m. ET, and from Andrews Air Force Base at 12 p.m. ET. They will arrive at 1:20 p.m. ET in Asheville, North Carolina, for a short vacation.

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Gov. Charlie Crist (R...for now) says he's unfazed by yesterday's endorsement of Marco Rubio by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

"Do I look upset?" he told the Palm Beach Post, which caught up with Crist yesterday. "It's just another Washington politician telling Florida what to do. I don't think Floridians appreciate it. It doesn't matter."

The response was just another crazy turn in the Florida Senate election, which has been non-stop entertainment since it began. Check out video of Crist's response from the Palm Beach Post -- chock full of ironic goodness -- after the jump.

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Remember the 1990s, when Newt Gingrich, Dan Burton and co. managed to create a steady stream of outrage by playing up every Clinton administration "scandal," no matter how minor? Or how about the last years of the Bush administration, when Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) seemed to function as a one-man investigative machine, making sure that no Bush administration wrong-doing went unexamined?

Today that role is being played by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Oversight committee. But despite the steady stream of made-to-order conspiracy theories coming from Fox News and the Tea Party crowd, it's a much harder job. That's largely because Issa's party is in the minority, so he doesn't have the power to compel testimony or subpoena documents. And it's perhaps also because, though the Obama administration is far from squeaky clean, Issa just hasn't had the kind of material to work with that his predecessors did.

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