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In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody, Sharron Angle explained why she has been appearing for interviews almost entirely with conservative media outlets, instead of more neutral venues: She's avoiding places that won't let her plug for money.

David Brody: Not to harp on the point but when you're on Fox News or talking to more conservative outlets but maybe not going on Meet the Press or a This Week, those type of news shows, then the perception and the narrative starts to be like you are avoiding those mainstream media outlets.

Sharron Angle: Well, in that audience will they let me say I need $25 dollars from a million people go to Sharron send money? Will they let me say that? Will I get a bump on my website and you can watch whenever I go on to a show like that we get an immediate bump. You can see the little spinners. People say 'Oh, I heard that. I am going and I'm going to help Sharron out because they realize this is a national effort and that I need people from all around the nation. They may not be able to vote for me but they can certainly help."

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 45.9%-41.7% in the Nevada Senate race against Harry Reid.

Tea party activists are claiming victory over the one-week delay until Solicitor General Elena Kagan receives a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and one group is going after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as the most likely GOP "Yes" vote to confirm Kagan to the Supreme Court.

"This gives us more time and we must not fail. We must keep calling Senators and tell them to stop Kagan," Tea Party Nation wrote supporters in an email obtained by TPM Organizers misspelled Graham's name, then said he's "the most likely" to support Kagan's nomination.

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In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody, Sharron Angle declared that she's "glad" Harry Reid reposted her old website -- a sharp departure from her prior position, when she was threatening a lawsuit for stealing her intellectual property.

During the interview, Angle talked about the retooling of her website after she won the Republican primary for Senate in Nevada.

"What you need to do is condense this into small very precise statements about who you are and so that's what they began doing was making those precise statements. We're not completely there yet," said Angle. "We're still working on those precise statements but everything that Harry Reid has posted on 'The Real Sharron Angle' (website) -- and I'll promote that website actually because that is the old website. It won the primary and I would like people to go there and look at my positions and it's good that he's paying for that so I'm glad."

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Jeff Greene, the billionaire investor and would-be Kendrick Meek spoiler in the Florida Democratic Senate primary, saw his campaign manager, Josh Morrow, quit today after a short stint getting the campaign up and running.

The Greene campaign would not discuss details of Morrow's move, but a spokesperson told me today that the decision was all Morrow's and that Morrow was not fired. The campaign said that no further staff shakeup is expected, and that Morrow's decision to leave did not signal any problems in Greene's operation.

Morrow will be replaced by Jessica Vanden Berg, whose career includes a stint as Iowa state director for former Florida Sen. Bob Graham's (D) 2004 presidential campaign.

Greene and Meek will meet in the August 24 Democratic primary.

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Is Barack Obama the greatest threat to America right now? Is he an archetype of the true greatest risk to our country: liberalism? Or is he just in, like, the Top Five?

That's the debate Republicans in Colorado are having today. As the GOP Senate primary approaches, the top two Republican candidates -- Jane Norton and Tea Party favorite Ken Buck -- are leapfrogging each other in an asymptotic rush to reach Tom Tancredo levels of crazy.

It all started Thursday, when, appearing at a conservative rally, Tancredo told a crowd that Obama is "the greatest threat" to the United States. What followed was a case study in how extreme the pressure is on GOP candidates to move ever rightward.

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Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD) has a new ad out for her re-election campaign in this red state -- touting her vote against the health care reform law.

In the ad, Herseth Sandlin talks about her determination to be an independent voice for South Dakotans. "It's why I voted against the bailouts, and a trillion-dollar health care plan -- but for expanding renewable energy and improving veterans benefits."

The TPM Poll Average currently has Republican state Rep. Kristi Noem leading Herseth Sandlin by 51.7%-42.4%.

(Via Jim Geraghty -- who also notes that Herseth Sandlin does not support repealing the new health care law.)

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Yesterday, we told you that the Congressional office charged with protecting Capitol employees issued a report claiming they couldn't even contact the same employees they are supposed to protect. Someone, the report said, had blocked them from getting staffers' email addresses.

The Office of Compliance report appears to have done the job of getting the office access to staffers -- somewhat. The office will now have access to the House email system, so it can send employees information about their rights when it comes to workplace safety and harassment. In an email obtained by TPMmuckraker, the Committee on House Administration announced that it would help the OOC get out information through the system.

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