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White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said on MSNBC today he will stay in place "as long as the president wants me to stay here," or at least through 2010.

Emanuel was the first guest on the new show "The Daily Rundown" anchored by the network's White House reporters. They asked him about a "lot of rumors around town" that he might want to leave or bid to become Chicago's mayor.

He said he left Congress to join President Obama at a "historic time with great challenges" and isn't interested in running for mayor.


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When you're a Tea Party activist and you've been caught holding a racist sign that refers to taxpayers as the "n" word, maybe it's better to just leave the whole subject alone.

Dale Robertson seems to disagree. Over the weekend, the Houston-based Tea Party leader posted a picture of himself at a rally last year that you can see opposite.

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Once upon a time, it seemed all but certain that New Jersey's legislature would legalize gay marriage. But last Thursday, the state senate voted against the measure, 20-14, in a last-ditch effort to pass the law before Gov-elect Chris Christie (R) takes office Jan. 19.

Now, the effort to enact gay marriage legislatively is dead, at least for the next four years.

So what happened? According to those involved, the effort was dead the second Christie won in November.

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National Republicans have a new rallying point in Massachusetts Senate nominee Scott Brown, with presidential contenders and party committees flooding the zone with cash, staff and endorsements as health care becomes the central issue at stake for the special election.

2012 hopefuls Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are helping the campaign, and Sen. John McCain endorsed Brown to win over attorney general Martha Coakley.

Republicans believe the key in what's expected to be a low turnout race will be independents, and note the trend in Massachusetts is similar to what's been seen nationally - voter frustration over spending issues and the economy.

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The Massachusetts Senate election is right around the corner, and many of the GOPs 2012 presidential hopefuls have weighed in on behalf of Republican candidate Scott Brown. Tim Pawlenty is pushing for him. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's got his back, too. All of which is causing Democrats to ask, Where's Sarah Palin? "She's one of the more vocal personalities representing the right wing of their party, and it's interesting that she's nowhere to be found in this race," said one top Democratic strategist--a view echoed by several operatives.

"Palin for America's enthusiastic endorsement of Scott Brown this weekend got us wondering - where on earth is Sarah Palin herself?" asked DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan in a statement to TPMDC.

Clearly, her supporters are anxious for her to weigh in. And, never one to be shy with an endorsement, Palin has -- in the last year alone - endorsed and in many cases offered financial support to a laundry list of far-right Republican leaders including Michele Bachmann, Rob Portman, Doug Hoffman, Marsha Blackburn, Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie. In fact, we're hard pressed to come up with a national party figure who's been more active in endorsing Republican candidates over the past year than Sarah Palin."

"Will Sarah Palin join Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and other national Republicans in their support for Scott Brown? Or, has the pit bull lost her bark?

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Conservative columnist Frank Gaffney claimed in a recent op-ed that FBI agent John Guandolo lost his job because he was too fiercely opposed to radical Islamic ideology, when in fact Guandolo resigned after sleeping with the key government witness in a major congressional corruption trial.

And in an e-mail exchange with TPMmuckraker, Gaffney is standing by the column, while providing no information to back up his claim.

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We told you last month that the political action committee behind the Tea Party Express (TPE) directed almost two thirds of its spending during a recent reporting period back to the Republican consulting firm - or entities associated with it -- that created the group in the first place.

But it's actually worse than that. It now appears the figure is over three quarters.

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