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The TSA on Friday announced it will fire an agent who left a note in a passenger’s suitcase that read, “get your freak on girl.” The note was in response to a vibrator found in New York lawyer and feminist blogger Jill Filipovic’s luggage, the AP reports. The agent earlier this week was suspended from screening duty.

From the department of unhelpful things...

In an October 20th video posted on his Youtube channel, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement -- or, as he calls it, the "Occupy Zionist Wall Street" movement.

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NASA early Friday morning successfully launched its latest earth observing satellite, the lengthily-monikered National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project (NPP, for short), which will be used to monitor weather patterns and climate change from an orbit 512 miles above Earth's north and south poles.

The $1.5 billion, 4,600-pound satellite was stowed aboard a Delta II rocket, which blasted off at 5:48 a.m. off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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President Obama has dropped quite a bit in Wisconsin versus former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney, but he’s still up three in a new survey from Public Policy Polling (D). Obama bests the rest of the GOP field by 7 to 14 points, despite an approval rating of 44 percent against 51 percent disapproval.

All the Republican candidates have horrible favorability numbers: not one goes over 35 percent, and the only one in the race without a unfavorable rating over 50 is Herman Cain, who clocks in at 42. And yet despite Wisconsin voters' clear issues with the GOP field, the President still faces problems in the state.

From PPP:

In most states, the impact of the independent vote is overblown, but here they make up almost a third of voters. While exit polls report that Obama won them by 19 points in 2008, they favor Romney by four now. “Wisconsin is looking more and more like it might return to the swing state column next year,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Obama is persistently unpopular there and the recall elections over the summer showed how closely divided the state is.”

America is "under attack" by the "Shockupy Wall Street" protests, Stephen Colbert said Thursday. And Oakland, California is ground zero for the "youth-stapo."

In Oakland on Tuesday, protesters sparred with law enforcement, throwing rocks and bottles at the police. So the cops were "forced" to respond with their own "improvised weapons," Colbert said: "tear gas canisters, flash grenades and bean-bag guns."

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Updated October 28, 11 a.m. ET

Gary Johnson has had a hard time being taken seriously as a GOP presidential contender, despite his experience as a two-term governor of the swing state of New Mexico. But now he has a more immediate problem: Getting on the ballot in New Hampshire.

Today is the deadline of the two-week filing period to get on the state ballot -- actually one of the easier states to get onto the primary ballot, with a filing fee of only $1,000 and no petition requirement. However, the campaign missed Thursday's deadline to file by mail or through an agent, and any filings on the last day must be done in person.

"The technical term is that we screwed up," communications director Joe Hunter told NBC News.

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