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NORTHWESTERN IOWA -- It really is striking how many undecided voters the average, slave-to-GPS reporter stumbles across in Iowa. Here's the story of one former Herman Cain supporter still looking for a new political home.

On Friday, three people I picked at random to talk to at Mitt Romney's big event with Chris Christie in West Des Moines hadn't made up their minds even after being jokingly threatened to get behind Romney by the certified GOP rockstar governor of New Jersey.

Four hours or so away in northwest Iowa, I ran into Curtis Jacob and his family coming out of the Ron Paul event (you can read what Jacob thought about Paul's warning about coming in the violence in the streets here.) He used to back Cain and said it's possible he won't make up his mind about who to caucus for until the process starts Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has been calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign since 2010, but at a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday he further described his reasoning.

The Washington Examiner grabbed the quote:

“Well, because Barack Obama is still in there,” Gingrich replied. "Eric Holder is just a junior version of President Obama. So he’s allowed to have the attorney general he wants, who is some guy who to most of us is way to the left and not very competent." He continued, "For example, on Fast and Furious, the gun sting that went bad and killed an American agent, Holder either didn’t know, which means he ought to resign, or he did know, which means he ought to resign. It’s hard to understand the case for him not being held accountable. But I think that goes back to President Obama.”

Newly minted Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is now urging his supporters in Iowa to caucus for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) on Tuesday.

Johnson’s full statement:

“Wednesday, December 28, I announced that I am seeking the Libertarian nomination for president. Accordingly, I urge my supporters in Iowa to vote for Dr. Ron Paul in the upcoming Iowa Presidential Caucuses.

“While Ron Paul and I are both libertarians, we don’t necessarily agree on every single issue. However, on the over-riding issues of restoring our economy by cutting out-of-control spending and the need to get back to Constitutional principles in our government, Ron Paul and I are in lock-step. Indeed, I proudly endorsed Ron Paul for President in 2008.

“The cause of individual liberty and freedom is bigger and more important than any candidate or campaign. I am hopeful that in urging my supporters in Iowa to vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming Caucuses, a victory for the principles we share can be won.”

IOWA -- R.T. Rybak, the mayor of Minneapolis and a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, says Mitt Romney needs to personally and publicly rebuke the birther joke his son Matt made Friday in New Hampshire.

"Mitt Romney has never had the guts to stand up when one of his surrogates has said something wrong, even his own son," Rybak told TPM on Friday evening. "He doesn't have the guts to stand up when someone says something that outrageously wrong."

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SIOUX CENTER, IOWA -- Ron Paul stood before a crowded public library conference room here and warned the packed house that the United Nations is coming to take their land and that America is this close to riots in the streets against a government that is becoming more and more like a dictatorship.

Though he was well-received, these two classic Paulisms fell somewhat flat.

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Friday saw the release of polling data that seems to show that likely Republican Iowa caucus-goers may (finally) be coming to the realization that has been clear for a long time: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is probably the best GOP option to take on President Obama, and therefore the best option on Tuesday. But it didn't come easy.

As the candidates blanket the state and the media is in full Iowa mode, some are still moving up in the polling data being released daily. The latest is former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who moved to second in a new survey from Illinois pollster We Ask America, a huge jump from the single digits that Santorum had been relegated to in Iowa for the entire campaign season. To be sure, the former Pennsylvania Senator has been making a move lately, scoring in the mid teens in public polls over the last week.

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After coming out in support of voter ID laws and donating to Republicans, former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis is continuing his march to the other side of the aisle, telling the Washington Post he could run for office as an independent or even a GOP candidate.

"I've heard some people at the national level encouraging me to run as an independent for my old office," Davis told WaPo's Aaron Blake. "While there have been Democrats who have switched down there, the Republican Party has refused to accept them. Do I agree with the agenda items in the Alabama Republican Party? Some I agree with, and some I don't."

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In an interview with the Huffington Post, Mitt Romney sought to correct a misconception -- that his long tenure as co-founder of financial firm Bain Capital makes him a "Wall Street guy." As Romney explains it, this is not true.

"I don't believe any of the funding came from Wall Street, meaning from investment banks or the like," said Romney.

(He did say later in the interview, though, that Bain would likely not make such records public: "I don't know that the Bain people would disclose their investors.")

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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has, to his credit, been largely consistent on the deluge of negative ads in Iowa against former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Those ads, many from super PACs supporting his candidacy, are all fair game says Romney.

But in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Friday, Romney tried to have his cake and eat it too, claiming the multi-million dollar ad assault hadn't been responsible for Newt's fall. The polls suggest that's not the case.

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