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There are still no Iowa caucus results in from Woodbury County (Sioux City), a major Republican-leaning area in conservative western Iowa.

However, in the partial results so far, Rick Santorum is generally doing well in the western part of the state.

Pushed by Fox News’s Brett Baier to say if she will endorse a candidate, specifically, Rick Santorum, Palin pushed back by praising all the candidates: “I have openly supported each one of the GOP candidates when it comes to the things that they’re preaching and believing in and they are capable of doing when it comes to what is best for the country.”

On Fox News, Palin says Rick Santorum’s strong showing in Iowa is unsurprising given his social conservative credentials in evangelical-heavy Iowa: “I’m not surprised at his success tonight. You know he is a social conservative, it’s what he’s known for.”

On Fox News, former Sen. Evan Bayh says that the most important thing to look at after Iowa is the money: “I don’t think we’ll know the real winner tonight until about a week or two. Let’s see who get a bump in the polls and the real thing to look at is, let’s see where the money starts coming in.”

Addressing Iowa Democratic caucus-goers Tuesday night, Obama pushed back on attacks that he hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises. A voter asked, “How do you respond do people who say you haven’t done enough?” Obama replied: “We’ve done a lot and we have a lot more to do…That’s why we need four more years."

The campaign is stressing follow-through on health care reform, ending the war in Iraq, and making college more affordable.

President Obama spoke to Democratic Iowa caucus-goers via livestream earlier Tuesday night. Asked by a woman in Coralville asked, “Now in 2012, do you still believe in hope and change in America?” Obama replied, “In some ways, I’m actually more optimistic now than when I first ran. We’ve already seen change take place. 2012 is about reminding the American people how far we’ve traveled."

Expect to see more messaging like this in the coming months.

As results to caucus entrance polls trickle in, projections are that Michele Bachmann is coming in last. Ed Rollins, formerly of Bachmann’s campaign, says Bachmann should drop out, and that her top advisors will be having that discussion with her tonight.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) disciplined his chief of staff Kevin Reigrut for letting an underaged intern drink at her going away party, the Baltimore Sun reports. A spokesman for Harris told the newspaper that aides did not realize that the intern was under 21 when they let her drink at a party held at the representative's office.

"When [Harris] found out about the incident ... he made it very clear that no alcohol was to be consumed in any of his offices, period," spokesman Ryan Nawrocki told the newspaper. "There was immediate and appropriate disciplinary action taken."

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Former Ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman tells voters in a new ad that he thinks Americans are getting screwed. There's both a real fiscal deficit, along with a trust deficit in institutions of government. I'm here to fix it, he says.

The problem? The Huntsman campaign doesn't have enough money to run it in New Hampshire, so they're running a drive through their website asking for donations to get it on the air. Such is life for the candidate who's eschewed Iowa in favor of putting it on all the line in New Hampshire, but who still can't seem to break out.

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