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Rep Barney Frank (D-MA) put his trademark pugnaciousness on full display in his retirement press conference Monday, giddily bashing Republicans -- especially former Speaker Newt Gingrich -- at every turn.

Frank said he decided to retire for a number of reasons, including the Republican majority's stranglehold on policy decisions, the prospect of a tough re-election, and a redesigned district that includes over 300,000 new constituents. Frank said the latter was the immediate factor behind his retirement, since he dreaded the prospect of having to reintroduce himself to so many new voters while still performing his job at a high level and wanted to give his party a heads up to find a new recruit to run.

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A University of California spokesperson tells TPM that demonstrators at today’s Regents meeting disrupted the gathering for about 45 minutes, toward the end of the meeting. Students and members of the public chanted and temporarily took over the meeting.

At that time, Regents and members of the press were relocated to another room to continue the meeting, UC spokesman Brad Hayward told TPM. Hayward said he wasn’t aware of any arrests today.

“Occupy” protesters last week promised to shut down the meeting in a “general strike” against the university system. The protesters erroneously claimed the Regents were considering a massive increase in fees. Also addressed at the Monday meeting were concerns over the shocking pepper spraying incident on campus.

Police in the Philippines last week announced that their agency and the FBI had arrested four hackers in the country who targeted business phone lines of AT&T and its customers, including some in the U.S., resulting in $2 million in losses to the telecom giant.

Not only that, but the hackers were funded by the same terror cell that backed the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, according to the Philippine National Police.

AT&T, for its part, affirms that it paid out some money to cover charges the hackers racked up on its customers bills, but the company won't say how much, and vehemently denies that its own phone systems were hacked.

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The picture of the woman, Ginger White, who is scheduled to come forward and accuse Herman Cain of a 13 year affair at 6pm ET tonight, has been posted by Atlanta’s Fox 5. See it here.

The Federal Election Commission is supposed to rule this week on an issue Stephen Colbert has given a lot of attention: a request from Karl Rove's American Crossroads "super PAC" to let groups like theirs coordinate filming "uncoordinated" advertisements with federal candidates.

Last week, the FEC posted four draft responses to the request for an advisory opinion. That means there's a strong possibility that the FEC wouldn't give any advice on the topic because they can't get four votes for any of the drafts. But just in case they do, here's how each finding would break down.

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Herman Cain told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he is being “betrayed” by a friend who he tried to help. Cain said his wife doesn’t know the woman claiming she had a 13 year affair with the GOP presidential candidate, and further decried the accusation as “baseless charges.”

In Cain’s interview on CNN, pushing back against a woman who apparently will shortly come forward claiming that they had an extended affair, the candidate said “there’s probably an infinite number of people who could come forwards,” with such claims. However, he said, “so far all the claims have been found to be baseless.”

Questioner Wolf Blitzer asked him why these types of accusations were focusing on Cain rather than other candidates. The pizza mogul said, “I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about whether there may be a racially motivated angle to this.”

Speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Herman Cain said he would not let this new allegation of a 13 year affair sink his candidacy for president.

“As long as my wife is behind me…I’m staying in this race,” Cain said.

Herman Cain just told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that a woman will step forward tonight and claim that she had a 13-year affair with the GOP candidate.

We will bring you more details on this story as it develops.