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The peculiar ideology of Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee challenging Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada, is perhaps no better illustrated than by her embrace of the patriot group Oath Keepers, whose membership of uniformed soldiers and police take an oath to refuse orders they see as unconstitutional -- including enforcement of gun laws, violations of states' sovereignty, and "any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps."

Back in April, Angle told TPMDC she was a member of the Oath Keepers at a press gaggle in Washington. On Monday, we decided to call Angle's campaign to confirm her relationship to the group. Angle's husband, Ted, picked up the phone.

"We support what the organization stands for," he told us. "Sharron does."

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There's only one person happier than Sharron Angle after tonight's Republican Senate primary in Nevada -- and that's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. According to the AP, GOP voters chose Angle, a tea party favorite and an ultra-conservative, to face Reid in November after a rollicking primary that saw her defeat longtime frontrunner Sue Lowden and Nevada celebrity Danny Tarkanian.

With 59% of the precints reporting, Angle has 39% of the vote in the primary, handing her the GOP nomination in the crowded field of 12 candidates.

That means that Reid is now facing the candidate that his campaign probably preferred most among the top three vote-getters. Democrats say Angle is extreme and will alienate moderate voters once the fall campaign begins in earnest. But her win tonight proves that Angle could be formidable. She has the national support of the Tea Party Express in the race that tea partiers most want to win this year. That means Angle can count on instant access to millions in grassroots donations and likely thousands of tea partiers across the country ready to work to help her win.

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Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) has become the first incumbent governor in state history to lose a primary. With 13% of precincts reporting Tuesday night, the AP called the race for former federal judge Brian Sandoval. He will now face Rory Reid, son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who won the Democratic nomination.

Now Gibbons fades from the political spotlight. But for entertainment value alone, one hopes he won't stay out of sight for long.

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California Republican voters tonight nominated former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman to challenge Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) to become the state's next governor. The Silicon Valley executive with no elected political experience beat Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner after an expensive and nasty battle.

Whitman earned 65 percent to Poizner's 26 percent with 9 of precincts reporting as the Associated Press and MSNBC called the race. Whitman spent a whopping $81 million -- nearly all of that her own -- to boost her name recognition and to outline her stance on immigration and other hot button issues in the Golden State. Poizner, who ran in a field of dozens in the 2003 recall election won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, spent $24 million of his own money.

The Whitman-as-winner outcome was so expected that a reporter caught her prepared victory speech on a Teleprompter -- hours before the polls had closed.

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Sen. Blanche Lincoln fended off a tough Democratic primary challenge tonight, besting progressive opponent Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in a runoff election marked by a high level of voter discontent with Washington. But this race was just the beginning for the embattled Lincoln, who in November will face Rep. John Boozman (R-AR), a former Razorback player with a conservative record.

Lincoln earned 51 percent to Halter's 49 percent with 77 of precincts reporting as the Associated Press called the race for the incumbent senator, a conservative Democrat who sometimes frustrates her party's leaders.

In a victory speech tonight, Lincoln thanked her supporters, saying they'd sent a message that's "loud and clear, and that message was that the vote of this senator is not for sale." She said she had stood up to special interests. "We are head to November with this message," Lincoln said.

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What do you get for the paramilitary-enthusiast who has everything? Well, thanks to the new online proshop launched by Blackwater, the private military contractor also known as Xe, there is a whole world of merchandise available for everyone, for every long as you don't mind the stares you'll get for being associated with the group that's been the center of several controversies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here's TPM's list of the top ten items available on Blackwater's answer to Amazon, beginning with this beach towel. Though there aren't many bodies of water in the desert, there are plenty of places to sunbathe on the sand! Just be careful, the bright blue color may alert enemy aircraft to your location.

Described on the site as "designed for concealed carry or work out wear," this "Holster Shirt" has the added benefit of enhancing your hard-earned muscles.

This "Folding Knife" in "Realtree Camo" is the ultimate in stealthy weaponry.

Nothing says "Daddy's Little Military Contractor" like this girl baby's onesie.

This "Discreet Pant" comes with "the features and fit you come to expect from the Operator Grade line without having the telltale 'tactical' look." That's why they're conveniently disguised as "Dad Jeans."

Don't worry if you're more of the "indoor" sort -- Blackwater's got something for you too! This mousepad will always remind you to "train hard...or don't train at all," even if that training just involves honing your "World Of Warcraft" skills.

The "BLACKHAWK! STRIKE Omega Vest" is perfect for every mission, from covert ops in Afghanistan, to picking up milk from the grocery store.

Just in case you happen to find yourself in the middle of a desert rave, you'll always be prepared to party with these 12-hour glowsticks.

This "Nomex Balaclava" provides "Flame/flash protection" for the head and neck, and doubles as a clever disguise for all your breaking-and-entering needs.

And, finally, this shot glass lets you bring the party with you wherever you go.

WARNING: Do not use with "Realtree Camo Folding Knife."

South Carolina state Rep. Nikki Haley rebuffed multiple charges of infidelity to maintain her lead through the final rocky weeks of the gubernatorial primary to emerge the with the most votes tonight, according to the AP. She came in just shy of the 50% required to avoid a runoff however, meaning she'll face second place finisher Rep. Gresham Barrett again on June 22.

With 88% of precincts reporting, Haley has 49% of the vote. Barrett drew 17%. Despite the huge disparity, South Carolina law means the two will meet again in two weeks.

That Haley came out on top is no surprise. Polls ahead of the election showed her with significant leads over her Republican rivals. Haley was endorsed my many big names in the conservative establishment, including Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and the Club for Growth. All remained by her side as first and one man and otherand then another claimed to have had affairs with her.

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With less than two hours before polls close in Nevada, Republican candidate Danny Tarkanian tried to make a last-minute appeal to voters using a warning from conservative talk show host Glenn Beck. "Team Tark" just sent an email to supporters with the subject line "Urgent - Watch before you vote."

It includes an ominous message suggesting that Beck was "warning against" favored candidate Sharron Angle, who surged recently thanks to her support from the tea party. The email includes a short clip from Beck's radio program from today, where he said tea partiers should "be careful who you get in bed with."

Beck said the tea party endorsement "may hurt the stronger Republican in the race and thus Harry Reid might sneak through." Tarkanian might want voters to think he's that "stronger Republican," but in all likelihood Beck was talking about one-time frontrunner Sue Lowden.

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Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's (D) corruption trial began today, after a year and a half of the impeached governor and erstwhile Celebrity Apprentice star vowing that the evidence would prove his innocence. In his opening statement this afternoon, Blagojevich's lawyer argued that Blago is a naive politician who trusted the wrong people, calling his client "insecure" and "broke."

Blago's lawyer, Sam Adam Jr., told the jury today that Blago was a victim of men like Tony Rezko and others. He's naive, Adam said, and so insecure that "he shakes constantly" and "his own lawyers won't take his phone calls."

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State Sen. Robert Hurt easily won the Republican nomination today in Virginia's fifth Congressional district, pitting him against freshman Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in what will be one of the most competitive races this fall.

Hurt, once targeted from the right as a tax-raiser favored by the Washington establishment, cleared the field of contenders by earning 46 percent when the Associated Press called the race. The next-closest vote-getter, Jim McKelvey, had 28 percent. The other candidates held either in single digits or just at 10 percent, a result that was expected despite an intense primary battle that once had Hurt on the ropes.

McKelvey, who has been hammering Hurt in recent days with an ad feature a mock endorsement from former President Bill Clinton, is the only candidate who has not promised to endorse Hurt should he win.

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