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Speaking to Politico on Thursday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said that the women who have accused GOP candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment are likely “liberal activists” and official hyperventilaters of the first order."

King continued, arguing that news outlets showed a lack of judgement choosing to publish the story.

“I think that unless we have one, two or three Anita Hills stand up and say ‘this is what I say he did,’ then it should’ve never been a story,” King said. “What are we talking about? We’re talking about a story about a story, we don’t know what the story is, we don’t know what the allegations are.”

The New York Times reports that former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has hired a criminal defense attorney. Federal authorities are investigating his firm, MF Global, over hundreds of millions of missing dollars. Corzine Friday morning resigned the firm.

A new poll of the Republican Presidential Primary shows former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney ahead with 24 percent, but businessman Herman Cain only one point behind in a national survey. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is third with 13 percent and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich fourth with 12. The rest of the field is in single digits.

The survey was conducted from October 31st to November 3rd, directly after an article appearing Politico detailing allegations of sexual harassment made against Cain while he was running the National Restaurant Association, which he has denied.

But it seems that many Republicans are waiting to see how the controversy plays out. From ABC:

Fifty-five percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they do not regard the allegation of sexual misconduct as a serious matter. But while 22 percent of Cain’s own supporters call it serious, that jumps to 44 percent among those who aren’t backing Cain. Among Romney’s supporters it’s similar, at 49 percent. As noted, it makes a difference. Among all leaned Republicans, 69 percent say the controversy surrounding Cain does not make a difference in their vote; 23 percent say it makes them less likely to support him. That “less likely” number, however, shrinks to 3 percent among those who see it as not serious — but swells to 52 percent of those who do see it as a serious matter.

Glendon Swift, a 62-year-old Tennessee resident, was arrested by the FBI late yesterday for allegedly threatening Rep. Eric Cantor and his family.

The FBI says Swift left two "screaming, profanity-laden" voicemail messages with Cantor's Virginia office on Oct. 27 and threatened Cantor, his daughter and his wife.

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Here come the pulsars! On Thursday, NASA announced the discovery of 10 new pulsars, ultra-dense, ultra-fast-spinning dead stars that emit powerful beams, or "pulses," of electromagnetic radiation. That brings the total number of pulsars discovered by the agency's Fermi gamma-ray space telescope to 100. Better yet, one of the new dead stars discovered was the youngest of a special kind of pulsar - the millisecond pulsar- discovered yet.

"What this means is that we're looking at the tip of the iceberg of a totally new class of short-lived pulsar," said Paulo Freire, an astrophysicist at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, in a conference call Thursday announcing the discoveries.

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Anonymous accounts filling in details of alleged sexual harassment by Herman Cain are popping up like weeds in recent days. The latest from Politico: one of Cain's accusers said she felt the then-CEO made a sexual suggestion that implied she could lose her job if she didn't obey.

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Herman Cain's sexual harassment imbroglio is proceeding down a well-worn path. Some, like Clinton, have trodden it and just about survived. But most have been less lucky. And, as Benjy Sarlin explains, so far Cain seems determined to make all the same moves.

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A woman accusing presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment has prepared and submitted a statement to the National Restaurant Association for whom she worked during Cain’s tenure. Whether the statement is released will depend on review by the NRA, due to a binding confidentiality agreement. The NRA is scheduled to decide on Friday.