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Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) has a dire warning about what could happen if his newly-passed law to weaken collective bargaining for public employee unions were to be repealed in a referendum in November: It would send a message to businesses that Ohio is "slow" and "heavy", and too beholden to labor unions.

"If we don't win this, the setback is how does Ohio get labeled in the minds of companies around this country," Kasich told the Canton Repository. "Is it a slow heavy labor state? Which tends to scare decision makers, CEOs.

"It's just important we win this. I mean if we don't win, it it'll be a setback to economic growth. But I think we're going to win."

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Updated: September 9, 2011, 3:45PM

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is accusing President Barack Obama of a "double standard" because his uncle, an illegal immigrant, was released from prison after he was arrested from driving under the influence.

Obama's uncle Onyango Obama was arrested in Massachusetts last month, charged with failing to yield, operating a motor vehicle to endanger and a DUI.

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The Nielsen ratings just came out for last night’s presidential address. An astonishing 31 million viewers tuned in to listen to Obama address the joint session of Congress. In comparison, only 5.4 million viewers watched the GOP debate at the Reagan Library the previous night. Not even the opening game of the NFL season could outdraw the president; the Saints and Packers attracted 27 million ecstatic football fans.

Things are, by every measure, looking terrible for Democrats in New York's 9th district, where voters will decide on Anthony Weiner's replacement this Tuesday. Despite the seat's 3:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans, David Weprin trails GOP nominee Bob Turner 50-44 in the latest poll from Siena University. But the reasons why may not be what you think.

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Carol Bartz, the recently fired CEO of Yahoo, might have shot herself in the foot on Thursday when she sounded off to Fortune about what she really thinks of Yahoo's board.

"These people f---ed me over," Bartz said, according to Fortune's Patricia Sellers.

She later quoted Bartz as saying.

"The board was so spooked by being cast as the worst board in the country," Bartz says. "Now they're trying to show that they're not the doofuses that they are."

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President Obama took his jobs plan to Richmond, Va. Friday where he hammered home the same themes - and most of the same lines - he hit in his joint address to Congress Thursday night, namely that he is on the right side of history in producing a series of specific spending and tax cut proposals to stimulate the economy and daring Republicans to ignore them at their own peril.

The trip to the heart of Virginia instantly blurred the lines between campaign stump speech and official business with an audience obviously filled with die-hard Obama supporters. During Obama's opening remarks, several supporters cried out "we love you," to which Obama twice responded, "I love you too."

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A state technical college in Missouri has an unusual requirement for new students: pass a mandatory drug test.

Linn State Technical College -- a 1,200-student school in Linn, Missouri -- instituted the program this week, the AP reports. Associate Dean of Student Affairs Richard Pemberton said the drug tests are a way to prepare students for the professional world.

"They're going to be faced with this as they go into the drug-free workplace," he told the AP. "We want them to be prepared."

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – While U.S. authorities are hunting two or three suspects behind a possible 9/11 anniversary attack threat, intelligence agencies are in the dark about the suspects' identities, officials said on Friday.

NORTH OF BANI WALID/EAST OF SIRTE, Libya (Reuters) – Fighters sent by Libya’s new rulers entered one of the last towns loyal to ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi Friday and fought street-to-street battles in what could mark the start of a final showdown against bastions of Gaddafi control.

Veteran California campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee "nearly wiped out" the $379,000 in Rep. Loretta Sanchez's campaign war chest, Politico's Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan report.

"What we've learned this week is that unfortunately, the amount in our reelect account is substantially less than the amount we've raised this year, as well as the amount reflected in the records sent to us by Durkee & Associates," Sanchez chief of staff Adrienne Elrod told Politico. "In fact, our account has been nearly wiped out."

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