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The word tortoise has been thrown around in the media lately as a way to describe former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's position in the GOP Presidential primary. He's consistent. Slow and steady, and maybe that's enough, goes the theory.

For Democrats, that theory has the opposite meaning. "We've had Romney and an un-Romney in a variety of iterations throughout this campaign," Obama chief strategist David Axelrod said Wednesday during an interview with CNN's John King. "Michele Bachmann filled the role for a while, Rick Perry soared to the top and when he came down to earth, Cain took his place. Romney sits there at 23 percent, 24 percent of the vote in all these polls and the question is why aren't they buying Mitt Romney?"

After all, Axlerod pointed out, Romney has been running for six years. And perhaps that's exactly why they are hitting him -- he's the only candidate that seems to be improving his standing with the American people at the moment.

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Vice President Joe Biden got a bit testy with a reporter Wednesday, snapping “don’t screw around with me” after he was quesioned about his forceful rhetoric in favor of the Jobs Act. Biden has on several occasions suggested that because passing the bill could boost police numbers, it’s therefore dangerous to public safety to not pass the bill. These comments have been rather taken out of context by some prominent sites on the right and have morphed into something of a meme on the right, suggesting that Biden is implying not passing the bill will lead to an increase in rapes and murders.

Biden was questioned by Human Events reporter Jason Mattera, a conservative who says he specializes in “ambush interviews.”