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An offshoot of the loosely-knit hacker group Anonymous on Monday launched a new project, "Anonymous Analytics," which, according to its web site, aims to "provide the public with investigative reports exposing corrupt companies."

"Our team includes analysts, forensic accountants, statisticians, computer experts, and lawyers from various jurisdictions and backgrounds," a statement on the new site reads.

"All information presented in our reports is acquired through legal channels, fact-checked, and vetted thoroughly before release. This is both for the protection of our associates as well as groups/individuals who rely on our work."

So far, the group has posted one document, a 39 page report alleging that the management of Chinese produce giant Chaoda Modern Agriculture have defrauded the company and its investors of $400 million dollars over an 11-year period.

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In a campaign email, Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, writes long on his wife’s accomplishments: fiscal conservative, respected leader, dedicated mother and so on. Marcus Bachmann concludes his ode to Michele by asking for a little cash.

“With appreciation for every dollar you send our way, and with humble admiration for the next President of the United States, the love of my life,” he writes.

Reuters reports:

A small business group said on Wednesday it has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in its legal challenge seeking to strike down all of President Barack Obama’s signature 2010 healthcare law.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, last night defended the GOPer’s record on immigration during a campaign stop in Iowa.

NBC reports:

“No one has done more to secure the border. And as president, he is committed to stopping the tide of illegal immigration,” she continued after noting that husband vetoed a bill to give illegal immigrants driver licenses, fought illegal sanctuaries, and billed the government for incarcerating illegal aliens. Mrs. Perry also said in-state tuition is only offered to residents who have gone to school in Texas for three years and have earned a high-school degree.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney today announced his Wisconsin Finance Committee.

“To beat President Obama, we will need the resources to go up against his $1 billion machine,” Romney said in a statement. “My Wisconsin Finance Committee will help raise the resources so that I can reach out to voters. I am proud to announce my team today.”

In an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s program last night, possible GOP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin paid declared GOP candidate Herman Cain a backhanded compliment, saying “I guess you could say, with all due respect, he’s the flavor of the week.”

She continued, “Herman Cain is the one up there who doesn’t look like he’s part of that permanent political class. He came from a working class family. He’s had to make it on his own all these years. We respect that.”

Palin also commented on her own possible candidacy, admitting that “for logistical reason, decisions do have to be made. You have to get your ducks in order.”

The government won't shut down this week over a dispute between Republicans and Democrats over whether emergency supplemental funds to support disaster relief should be offset with budget cuts.

And when the new fiscal year starts October 1, disaster relief funds will not need to be offset pursuant to an agreement the parties struck as part of the August debt ceiling deal. That's why the $2.65 billion for FEMA's disaster relief fund the Senate just passed didn't have to be offset, and the House is expected to pass the same bill without putting up another fight.

But what happens if things get really bad: if assessments of damage from Hurricane Irene and the fires in Texas turn out to be much worse than expected, or if another unforeseen disaster strikes a major city. Does the debt ceiling deal provide an unlimited guarantee that House Republicans won't try once again to pair disaster funding with partisan budget cuts?

The answer is no.

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Clinton Postpones Trip To Charlotte

In a statement released Friday evening, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that the Democratic nominee…