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Google last week revealed for the first time that it consumed enough electricity to power 200,000 homes in 2010. The company also said that it intends to source more than a third of its electricity from clean sources by 2012.

One way that it's trying to minimize its carbon footprint is by signing up for carbon offsets.

One of these projects comes from Duke University, where a new facility uses hog waste to generate power. Duke developed the pilot project to demonstrate the economic feasibility of capturing methane emissions from large hog farms and converting those emissions to electricity.

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The Democratic National Committee is releasing a new ad campaign in key political states in an effort to rally public support for the president’s new jobs plan. The T.V. spots urge viewers to ‘Read it. Fight for it…Pass the President’s Jobs Plan.’ They begin airing today, as President Obama himself prepares to send the bill to Congress this afternoon and embarks on a sales pitch to boost support for both his plan and reelection campaign.

While the ads don’t target any specific lawmakers or make explicit reference to the 2012 campaign, they are targeted at key markets in swing and early voting states; Tampa and Orlando, FL along with Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C., for instance. In addition to the T.V. ads, the DNC is also targeting popular internet platforms such as Facebook and Hulu.

President Obama will make a statement on his jobs plan in the White House’s Rose Garden at 10:40 a.m. ET. The president expects to send his bill to Congress today. Watch Obama’s statement below:

Democrats are bracing for a possible loss in New York's 9th district, where Queens and Brooklyn residents will go to the polls on Tuesday to decide on a replacement for Anthony Weiner, who resigned earlier this year over lewd messages that he had sent over Twitter.

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It is the best of venues for a brawl about Social Security, and it is the worst of venues to stand up for it.

That's the conundrum facing the Republican candidates who'll gather tonight in Tampa, FL to debate once again. A central theme of the televised debate is expected to be Social Security, the popular program Rick Perry loves to hate and many of his competitors are falling all over themselves to defend.

Florida is the logical place to make this stand, for obvious population reasons. But Monday's debate, co-sponsored by the Tea Party Express and CNN, could also be the best place for Perry stick with the whole "Social Security is a monstrous lie" routine.

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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus seeks to make the bankruptcy and investigation of solar energy firm Solyndra into a liability for President Obama. ‘Solyndra is now the prime example of stimulus failure,’ Priebus siad in a statement. The firm was given $500 million in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy and touted by the president as a provider of green jobs. Two weeks ago, however, the company announced its bankruptcy and laid of 1,100 workers. In the aftermath, the FBI executed a search warrant as part of an investigation into whether the firm misled the federal government while securing its loans.

What Priebus failed to mention in his statement is that while the Solyndra loan was funded in part by funds from the 2009 stimulus program, it was issued and managed by a federal loan guarantee program created in 2005 under the Bush administration. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will be holding a hearing this week to investigate the loans. Solyndra President Brian Harrison and CFO W.G. Bill Stover are expected to testify.