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Christine O'Donnell is turning her sights on a familiar bogeyman of the Republican base, in her efforts to rehabilitate her image in the Delaware Senate election: The "liberal media" that has made her look bad.

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CNN reported on an O'Donnell appearance at a local Republican event today, where she reportedly pinned her problems on the "liberal meda," and on lies that have been told about her.

"I've put my name on the line. And I've taken a lot of hits, a lot of slander, a lot of character assassination," O'Donnell said.

Funny thing about the claim of character assassination. One of the things that helped O'Donnell win the Republican primary was the fact that some of her backers -- and on at least one occasion, O'Donnell herself -- traded in innuendo and rumors about her establishment-backed opponent, Rep. Mike Castle, suggesting that he was gay.

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A new conservative anti-spending film starring Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee aimed at influencing the midterm elections paints President Clinton as chasing Sarah Palin's skirt and includes a scene where a cartoon Ronald Reagan K.O.'s President Obama in a boxing ring.

Filmmaker Ray Griggs has told TPM in an interview he used animation in "I Want Your Money" because he wanted to educate young people about the deficit. Problem is, the facts he uses are skewed to make Obama and Nancy Pelosi look like spending bandits -- and, while he canonizes Reagan, he fails to mention that the Gipper also raised taxes.

TPM obtained a copy of the film, which includes interviews with Gingrich, Huckabee, Andrew Breitbart and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Griggs' narration about the good 'ol days under Reagan, interviews with tea partiers, man-on-the-street clips from New York's Times Square about the definition of socialism and several cringe-worthy animated scenes of Obama interacting with former presidents dead and living.

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said on Fox News last night that Christine O'Donnell has the right idea with her "I'm not a witch. I'm you," ad, but Palin thinks O'Donnell should go further.

"That's very positive," Palin told Fox's Sean Hannity after he played O'Donnell's first television ad.

"What I think she could add is to explain what the real witchcraft and voodoo politics and economics is and that's what's going on in DC," Palin said

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The Democrats don't really have a cavalry of outside groups this year to run the sorts of hard-hitting ads that the parties typically like to keep some distance from. So this year, they have little choice but to run them on their own.

This DCCC ad might be the most brutal of the cycle.

It tells the story of Jeff Perry, the GOP candidate hoping to take Rep. Bill Delahunt's seat in Massachusetts' 10th Congressional district. In a well documented scandal, Perry was the supervising officer of a cop in Wareham, Scott Flanagan, who at least twice in the mid-1990s conducted illegal strip searches of female teenage suspects.

"Imagine your teenage daughter illegally strip-searched by police," the ad says.

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Republicans promised they'd knock Democrats for not renewing (most of) the Bush tax cuts before hitting the campaign trail, and they're now making good on their word.

A new ad running in Michigan's first congressional district typifies the sort of attacks vulnerable Democrats will facing in the last weeks of campaign season. In the segment the Republican contender, Dan Benishek, saddles his opponent with the looming expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

"I favor lower taxes, not higher taxes," Benishek declares. "What should really scare us is the huge tax increase set for January 1. We should be scared of losing more jobs.... The Obama-Granholm-McDowell jobs strategy has failed."

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A new survey of Connecticut by Public Policy Polling (D) provides a fascinating look into the possible future of independent Sen. Joe Lieberman. To be exact, the former Democrat is incredibly unpopular with most voters -- and only marginally popular with Republicans -- and would have a hard time avoiding a landslide defeat should he run again in 2012.

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Lieberman's political journey over the last four years has sure alienated a lot of folks. After he lost the 2006 Democratic primary, he was then re-elected as an independent with unofficial Republican support. He then campaigned aggressively for John McCain for president in 2008, and spoke at the Republican National Convention -- but after McCain lost, he settled back into place in the Democratic caucus. Then he helped to stop the public option during the health care debate, promising to support a Republican filibuster, but also voted for final passage of the eventual law sans public option.

Lieberman's approval rating stands at only 31%, with 57% disapproval -- even lower than the 36%-54% for Sen. Chris Dodd, who is retiring. Broken down by party, Lieberman's rating is 20%-69% among Democrats, 46%-41% among Republicans, and 31%-56% among independents.

Respondents were also asked this question: "Generally speaking in 2012 will you vote to reelect Joe Lieberman or would you rather replace him with someone else?" The answer was only 24% to re-elect him, against 66% who would vote to replace him.

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Stepped up search efforts yesterday by Mexican officials on Lake Falcon yielded no sign of David Hartley, the Texas man reportedly shot by "lake pirates" last Thursday while jet skiing and taking photographs with his wife on the Mexican side of a border-straddling lake. Hartley's wife Tiffany says the pair were approached by three boats of armed people, who fired at them and shot her husband in the head. She said she was able to escape on her own jet ski.

Yesterday, Tiffany Hartley went back out on the water of Falcon Lake, accompanied by members of David's family, and placed a wreath on the water. CBS's The Early Show said she had laid the flowers near the site of the incident, while MSNBC reported that she stayed in American waters.

This morning, Tiffany Hartley made television appearances for the third straight day.

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Federal prosecutors have issued a new round of subpoenas in their probe of John Edwards' campaign finances -- giving the investigation seemingly stalled for a year fresh signs of life, the Associated Press reported.

Lawyer Wade Smith told the AP that he learned from other attorneys and sources that several new subpoenas were issued, but declined to discuss who received the subpoenas or what those subpoenas were seeking. Smith did not immediately return a message left by TPMMuckraker, and Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said the department was declining comment.

But according to CNN Producer Raelyn Johnson, prosecutors are casting net "much wider than they did a year ago."

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Thomas Perez, the head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, went to Murfreesboro, Tenn., last week in an attempt to reassure Muslims there who have been the victims of arson and vandalism.

The Nashville Scene reports that Perez traveled around Murfreesboro on Sept. 28, speaking to leaders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and other Muslims.

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