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Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi - who John McCain once called an 'interesting man' in a tweet - addressed the General Assembly of the UN today following President Obama's speech. Given that he talked for a full 96 minutes, it's hard to pick out the best parts - but we'll do our best.

#10: The UN is useless because it's failed to stop "65 wars" since its founding.

"The charter states in the preamble that we shall not resort to military force unless there is a common interest," Qaddafi said, "but after that what happened? Sixty-five wars broke out after the UN was established. It was not in the interest of all nations."

#9: I love the preamble, but I hate the UN Charter!

The preamble says "that all nations are equal whether they are small nations or whether they are big," Qaddafi noted as he waved around a small copy of it. But the fact that a member of the five-nation Security Council can veto a resolution is "against the charter." The African Union, which Qaddafi currently chairs, ought to have a seat on the Security Council, he said.

#8: The UN Security Council = Terrorism

The apparent tyranny of the Security Council's veto power was likened to terrorism: "We do not accept it and we do not acknowledge it...this is terrorism! We cannot allow the nations of the Security Council to rule ... this is terrorism in itself." He went on to compare this veto to Julius Caesar. We can't say it better than the writers at New York Magazine: "We scanned his face to see the irony of this, an unelected despot who has for 40 years ruled a nation that freely hands out weapons to terrorists at will, and we found no trace of it."

Read more, including his love letter to Obama, his comparison of the Taliban to the Vatican, and his musings on who killed JFK, after the jump.

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The Massachusetts legislature today gave final passage to the law providing for a temporary appointment to Ted Kennedy's Senate seat -- but without the two-thirds margins for the legislature to formally declare it an emergency statute.

The vote was 95-59 in the House, and 24-16 in the Senate. What this means is Patrick will have to declare it an emergency, in order for the law to take effect immediately -- as opposed to 90 days from now. As we found out yesterday, this could leave the state Dems vulnerable to a court challenge under the state's constitution.

That said, the local media does seem to be treating this as a done deal, so we'll see what happens.

The current media buzz is that Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick will appoint Kennedy family friend Paul Kirk, though Patrick's office has officially said that no decision has been made.

Our favorite ex-con ex-Congressman Jim Traficant (D-OH) appeared on Hardball tonight just to make everyone's day a little brighter with a graphic description of what he'd do if he successfully ran for office.

"I want to get the IRS," Traficant said. "Kick them in the crotch real good." He said he'd also work to repeal the 16th Amendment, which gives Congress the power to collect income tax.

Traficant, who recently finished a seven-year prison term on corruption charges, hasn't decided whether or not to run for public office again. "You never know, I may," he said, because he's none to pleased with Congress these days.

Mixing his metaphors in a way rarely seen, Traficant called lawmakers a bunch of "little lemmings" following each other over a cliff -- and prostitutes on top of it. He recalled a time he said, on the House floor, that his fellow members were hookers: "They jumped up like 100 wounded TV evangelists."

Video after the jump.

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Republican former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie has a new ad in the New Jersey gubernatorial race, firing back at an ad by Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine that accused Christie of wanting to allow insurance companies to drop mammogram coverage for women. The ad was based on Christie's support of cheaper, mandate-free health insurance policies.

In the new ad, Christie talks about his own family experience, how his mother battled breast cancer that was detected early through a mammogram. "So the idea that somebody who was able to keep their mother for an extra twenty years would ever deny another woman in this state the opportunity to get a mammogram is just so deceitful," Christie says. "It is awful for the Governor to desperately hold onto power by scaring people."

A post at the website Open Left by Mike Lux tells a troubling story for progressives.

"Some senior White House staffers are now beginning to try to sell this trigger to progressive groups as the compromise version of a public option, saying the White House doesn't want to have a floor fight in the Senate, and that they can always fix it in conference committee," Lux writes.

That way they can pick up Snowe, satisfy that desperate urge for being officially bipartisan (even though Snowe can't bring a single other Republican with her), and not have to worry about procedural hassles in the Senate.

Lux is a former staffer for President Bill Clinton, and worked for the Obama transition team--not necessarily the first person you'd imagine warning of "an ugly fight within the Democratic Party, further erosion of Obama's standing with his base, the specter of more primary fights."

Off the record interviews and emails with reform leaders resulted in no denials, and two confirmations that Lux's account is correct.

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In a column for, action star and conservative activist Chuck Norris calls on tea partiers to stop using the modern American flag as a means of protest against the current administration. And if you insist on using the 50-star flag, well, you can buy a tea-stained one for just $73.50 to show "solidarity with our Founders."

Praising the tea party movement across the nation that culminated in the 9/12 march on Washington, D.C., Norris insists that it's "nonpartisan" and "nonpolitical." Quoting George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and John Adams, the martial arts star also blasts the Obama administration (in a nonpartisan, nonpolitical fashion) for pledging "$900 million in U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority." That aid is going through nongovernmental organizations to help rebuild Gaza, not Hamas.

Read the column after the jump.

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ACORN has been contacted by the FBI and the Brooklyn district attorney's office in connection to the recent scandal in which staffers were caught on video advising two people posing as a pimp and a prostitute on how to break the law.

The news was revealed by Arthur Schwartz, ACORN's general counsel, on a conference call with reporters moments ago. (Full disclosure: Almost a decade ago, I was hired by Schwartz to work on a political campaign.) Schwartz said that the requests for information were not subpoenas, but confirmed that they were part of investigations into possible criminal activity revealed by the videos. He added that ACORN is cooperating with those requests.

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Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) is all too aware of the effect that the economy has had on his re-election fight this fall, in which he's trailing in the polls.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Corzine spoke last night at Rider University, where he predicted that the economy will recover. "I believe we need to take a positive view that we will turn this ship, this economic ship," he said.

However, he later added: "I wish it had turned six months ago. It would have made it a lot easier to run for reelection."

In a "WorldNet Daily exclusive," Kathleen Willey -- a former White House volunteer who claimed President Clinton sexually assaulted her (and maybe had her husband killed) -- goes undercover to expose the seeming underbelly of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Willey got herself a job working as a rebate processor for a Vangent Inc., a contractor on the CARS program -- all the while in cahoots for WorldNet Daily -- and revealed what she described as "complete chaos" and what WND calls a "fiasco."

The other applicants, she said, were all "dressed extremely unprofessionally" and had "foul mouths." Her co-workers were "inept and lazy" and made "idiotic mistakes." Her desk was "filthy."

Under the heading "Barefoot and foul-mouthed employees," WND reporter Chelsea Schilling writes "Willey said she was the only non-minority applicant in the room."

Willey also said she spent only about 14 hours a week working, but got paid for 37, because none of her supervisors would help her log into her computer. She said those same supervisors told her, "Milk it!" and, "Free money!" when she complained.

Willey worked in the Clinton White House as a volunteer. During the Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky scandal, she claimed Clinton groped and kissed her when she approached him about getting a paying job. Clinton said he hugged her because she was upset, but denied the rest.

Her husband died that same day from an apparent suicide. But, in a 2007 book, Willey said she suspected President and Hillary Clinton of involvement in her husband's death, which she claimed was "most definitely" a murder.