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It's a mystery that has perplexed the world since the late '90s: Where are Biggie and Tupac? Last night for a short time, it appeared that PBS had found out when a story appeared on its homepage, "Tupac still alive in New Zealand." Sadly, it was hackers from a group called LulzSec who got into PBS' system and posted this:

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Remember that Congressman who was angry that airport security randomly patted down a grandma and a child, but let a man in "Arabian dress" pass through? Well Republican Congressman Paul Broun is back, this time on Fox News, and he's not retreating from his demand that the TSA start focusing on the "real" terrorists, which apparently might include anyone in "Arabian attire."

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Rolling Thunder is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to advocating on behalf of Prisoners of War and larger veteran issues and is best known for its annual motorcycle rides in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day.

Turns out that potential GOP candidate Sarah Palin has announced plans to attend the Rolling Thunder event at the Washington Mall this weekend, which according to Rolling Thunder spokesperson Ted Shpak, is a big distraction.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) appeared Friday on Fox News, and explained to Neil Cavuto that a judge's ruling Thursday that struck down his controversial anti-public employee union law, based on a procedure involved in passing it, would not be a major issue -- that the state is appealing the decision, and in any case they could simply re-pass the same law without the procedural defect.

"Governor, what do you do now?" asked Cavuto.

"Well, for us, the clear thing that was -- we found out of that ruling is not that the law was not valid, but that the process was used, at least according to the circuit court, was not correct," said Walker.

"So, either next week when the Supreme Court starts to hear this case, either by the time they're done in June, or ultimately by the end of June, when we have to have the legislature passing a state budget -- one way or the other, either through the Supreme Court or the legislature, these reforms will be put into place, and we'll ultimately be able to protect middle-class jobs and middle-class taxpayers here in the state of Wisconsin."

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Former Sen. John Ensign's (R-NV) legal fate may hinge on a gray area of the law governing the separation-of-powers between the legislative and judicial branches of government.

The Senate Ethics Committee's decision to hand over all of its evidence in the case against Ensign to the Justice Department - which includes hundreds of e-mails as Reuters' Murray Waas reported Thursday -- has raised new questions about the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution and whether it can prevent DOJ prosecutors from using those e-mails and other documents obtained in the panel's investigation that ended the Nevada Republican's once promising political career.

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The most senior member of the Federal Election Commission criticized the agency at a meeting on Thursday, saying it has become "less aggressive" in enforcing campaign finance laws, and pointed to statistics that show big drops in the average size of fines levied against campaigns, parties and political action committees.

"Back in '06 and '07, they said we were 'feckless' and 'toothless,'" Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said, according to Roll Call. "I am not sure what the adjective would be today."

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