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Consumer advocates say recent moves by AT&T to adjust its mobile pricing structure should call into question the company's efforts to win approval of an acquisition of T-Mobile.

AT&T, currently the second largest U.S. mobile provider behind Verizon, would integrate number-three T-Mobile into its network.

The merger is already under intense scrutiny. The telecom giant recently created a stir when some inadvertently-released numbers surfaced at the Federal Communications Commissions' web site last week. The numbers showed that AT&T was only willing to complete its rural buildout of its next generation LTE wireless network if the T-Mobile acquisition were green-lighted.

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COLUMBIA, SC -- Speaking to a crowd of Republican Party officials and activists here Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn't mention his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, but laid out the stakes for a general election contest he says will pit advocates of the nanny state against those who follow the nation's founding documents.

"The central issue of this election is going to be an administration who believes Washington must be our caretaker," Perry said, "and the people who want Washington to only care for their constitutional responsibilities."

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Gov. Rick Perry's claim to a child in New Hampshire Thursday that Texas public schools teach both Creationism and evolution would come as a surprise to educators and students across the country. The Supreme Court had the last word on this in the 1980s when seven justices ruled that teaching Creationism as fact violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

But Perry's precise words -- "in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools" -- weren't exactly spoken in error. Texas biology teachers must teach evolution, can't teach Creationism, and can't teach Intelligent Design or any other forms of crypto-Creationism. But the state's curriculum does require schools to teach students to analyze and critique all scientific theories. And that means conservatives like Perry can pretend a loophole exists.

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Updated: Aug 19, 2011, 2:53PM

Mitt Romney released a new web video on Friday, firing back at Democratic attacks on his "corporations are people, my friend" comment to a voter in Iowa last week, when he explained his opposition to raising taxes on businesses.

The video is entitled "Mitt on the Road: A Week in New Hampshire," and shows clips of Romney speaking at different locations around that key early primary state, and discussing the poor condition of the economy.

At just over the halfway mark, Romney declares: "Businesses are comprised of people. I'm talking about repair shops, and gas stations, and beauty salons, and restaurants. I'm talking about Apple computer, and Facebook, and Microsoft. I'm talking about businesses that employ people. It's really astonishing to me that the Obama folks would try and argue that businesses aren't people. What do they think they are? Little men from Mars? But when they tax business, they tax people."

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

We've all heard the shock stories -- generally from media outlets which haven't fully researched the topic -- saying that the battery pack in your electric car will only last a few years and then cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars to replace.

We think its unlikely that most electric cars on the market today will need an entire replacement battery pack for the first ten years or more, if ever. But are there any ways you can safeguard your purchase to make sure you've got a replacement battery lined up for if or when something goes wrong?

That's the question that Tesla Motors is trying to answer as its Australian sales team adopts a policy already in other Roadster markets to safeguard against being stuck with a poorly performing battery pack in the blisteringly fast Roadster .

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"Call me crazy," Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman tweeted Thursday. And from a strategic point of view, maybe he is.

The former Utah governor and Obama-appointed ambassador to China has appeared to take glee in poking the Republican base in recent days. Try to convince the base that his appointment by President Obama isn't a fatal handicap? Nah, just mock the base instead.

Huntsman's "Call me crazy" tweet was in response to two prominent blow-ups from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Within the space of 28 hours he alleged that scientists were making up global warming for profit and had dismissed evolution as "a theory that's out there."

"To be clear," Huntsman tweeted. "I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy."

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It's a good bet that, when challenged to defend the Tea Party, Sarah Palin won't balk from the challenge. Tonight, however, that challenge came in the name of a conservative, as Greta Van Susteren pointed out the group is targeting conservative stalwart Sen. Orrin Hatch for being too liberal. Van Susteren asked Palin how she would respond to their attempt to unseat him, to which Palin replied that she had admiration for the "good things" Sen. Hatch had done, and extremist elements were in "every group."

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