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Marco Rubio has a new ad in the Florida Senate race. On the surface it seems like a boilerplate ad calling for change in Washington -- but one particular line seems to send a clear message.

"Washington isn't just broke, it's broken. But it won't get better if we keep electing politicians who will say or do anything just to hold office," says Rubio. "Government is out of touch. Spending is out of control. Foreign debt threatens our economic and national security. And typical politicians just don't get it."

Hmm, "politicians who will say or do anything." Could Rubio -- who is running against a governor who was a Republican but switched to independent for the general election -- be referring to anyone in particular?

The TPM Poll Average gives Rubio the lead with 39.1%, followed by Crist at 30.6%, and Democrat Kendrick Meek with 21.2%.

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Rand Paul, the tea partieriest of them all, has suggested that he would vote for a bill in the Senate that didn't extend each and every single one of the Bush tax cuts. Surely the age of "dogs and cats living together" we were warned about in Ghostbusters can't be far away, folks.

Asked today on Fox News about House Minority Leader John Boehner's recent reveal that Republicans might -- if given no other choice -- vote in favor of President Obama's plan to extend all the Bush cuts save those for the wealthiest Americans, Paul chided Boehner for giving away the store, but didn't say he rejected Boehner's comments out of hand.

"I haven't thought through exactly what happens if you get a choice you don't want," Paul said. Paul agreed that his position right now would be "everything or nothing," but suggested that view could change.

"At least right now," Paul said when Fox News host Neil Cavuto said Paul was one of those Republicans willing to see middle class taxes rise if it meant voting for a bill that wouldn't extend the Bush cuts for the wealthy. "If you're talking about your initial bargaining point, you go for what you think is best."

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Delaware Republican Party Chairman Tom Ross, who strongly supported Congressman Mike Castle and vociferously attacked conservative activist Christine O'Donnell in the Republican primary for Senate, now says he is supporting O'Donnell -- whether he likes it or not.

In an interview on ABC's This Week, Ross was faced with all the negative comments he had made about O'Donnell during the primary -- such as his famous statement that she could not be elected dog-catcher.

"I am a partisan political party leader in a very difficult state to win elections. My job is to stand with our endorsed candidate [Castle], and I did that, and I'm proud of what I've done," said Ross. "The voters have spoken, and now my job is -- whether I like it or not or I'm indifferent -- is to go out there and work just as hard to get each and every Republican that the voters have selected elected in a very difficult environment."

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Wisconsin District Attorney Kenneth Kratz, who sent sexually suggestive text messages to a domestic abuse victim whose ex-boyfriend he was prosecuting, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with another woman, according to a letter made public today by Gov. Jim Doyle's office.

According to The Wisconsin State-Journal, the letter was written by a woman who once allegedly went on a date with Kratz, and said that he "even went so far as to inviting me to go with him to the autopsy (provided I would be his girlfriend and would wear high heels and a skirt)."

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According to the latest Gallup survey of registered voters, Democrats are now ahead of Republicans on the generic congressional ballot question, with a 46%-45% lead.

Three weeks ago, Gallup reported that the GOP held a 10-point lead in congressional generic polling, marking the highest lead for the party ever registered by Gallup. A week later, the Republicans' Gallup-induced confidence dissipated, as the firm released a poll that countered the previous week's numbers. With that survey's 46%-46% tie, Democrats appeared to be right back in the game. That was until the next week's Gallup poll found Republicans back on top, 48%-43%.

So what does the release of this week's Gallup congressional generic polling numbers tell us about the midterm elections?

Uh, be wary of congressional generic polling?

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The Republicans might have some fun with the pool report just out from President Obama's trip to Pennsylvania to help raise money for Rep. Joe Sestak's Senate bid and the Democratic party.

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) was there to greet Air Force One when Obama landed. A pool reporter grabbed Specter on the tarmac.

"How do you think Congressman Sestak is doing with his campaign?" asked Politico's White House reporter Carol Lee.

Specter paused for 5 seconds, then answered: "I'm late for the squash court so I'm gonna defer that to when I can answer in one spot."

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Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center may be charged $200,000 by the city of Gainesville, Florida, for security costs incurred by the canceled Koran-burning originally planned for September 11.

Jones' announcement of "International Burn-A-Koran" day resulted in some violent protests in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and threats against Americans. In response, Gainesville upped its security. According to The Associated Press: "Police Maj. Rick Hanna said more than 200 officers were on duty last weekend patrolling the church, the University of Florida football game and "soft targets" like the mall. Another 160 sheriff's deputies were also working because of the planned protest at Dove World Outreach Center."

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Former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer agreed earlier this year to pay back $7,337 in inappropriate expenses to the party. But, according to the results of an audit released by the party, the check bounced.

According to the audit, Greer's lawyer claimed in May that Greer had sent a check for the amount to the party. The check came a month later, and it bounced -- perhaps, as the audit notes, because his accounts have been frozen in connection with his federal fraud charges.

RPOF commissioned the audit from Alston & Bird LLP in the wake of spending scandals, stemming from reports of excessive spending by party leaders and eventually culminating in criminal charges against Greer, for allegedly creating a shell company to skim tens of thousands from the party.

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Updated Sept. 22, 4:58 p.m.

Republicans want to prevent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from making Republicans go out on a limb for the wealthiest Americans just so close to November. With only weeks to go before the election, they're putting dozens of House Democrats on the spot, demanding a single vote on extending all of the Bush tax cuts -- including the tax cuts that solely benefit the wealthiest Americans.

The GOP pressure might make some Democrats cave, and will certainly make others hide from questions about the Bush tax cuts. But unless Pelosi plays hardball on tax cuts, it's these Democrats who will decide whether the wealthiest Americans get to keep all of their tax cuts.

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