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Rick Perry’s campaign sends over this release on tonight’s results in New Hampshire, saying South Carolina is his next stop:

Tonight’s results in New Hampshire show the race for ‘conservative alternative’ to Mitt Romney remains wide open. I skipped New Hampshire and aimed my campaign right at conservative South Carolina, where we’ve been campaigning hard and receiving an enthusiastic welcome. I believe being the only non-establishment outsider in the race, the proven fiscal and social conservative and proven job creator will win the day in South Carolina. South Carolina is the next stop. I have a head start here, and it’s friendly territory for a Texas governor and veteran with solid outsider credentials, the nation’s best record of job creation, and solid fiscal, social and Tea Party conservatism.

During his victory speech in the New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney kicked off his general-election message for 2012 against President Barack Obama, by briefly looking back on the 2008 election.

“We do remember when Barack Obama came to New Hampshire four years ago. He promised to bring people together. He promised to change the broken system in Washington. He promised to improve our nation.

“Those were the days of lofty promises, made by a hopeful candidate. Today we’re faced with the disappointing record of a failed president. The last three years have held a lot of change, but they haven’t offered much hope.”

Appearing on Fox News moments after Mitt Romney delivered his New Hampshire victory speech, John McCain celebrated the victory of his chosen candidate and said the margin of success offered an “opportunity.”

“We may be able to wrap this up sooner than we’d thought,” he told anchor Megyn Kelly.

Kelly asked him about how long Romney’s opponents could hang in for during the primary calendar. McCain referenced his old rival, Mike Huckabee, who continued to challenge McCain during the 2008 primaries even after it became obvious he could not mathematically compete.

“When you [the media] judge the race to be over it almost becomes irrelevant whether they stay in or not,” McCain said.

He continued, noting it was “significant” that Ron Paul was projected to take second place, and said “the weak showing by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum is surprising to me.”

Mitt Romney, addressing supporters in New Hampshire, said he wants to “make 2012 the year Obama runs out of time.”

Romney further made an appeal directly to South Carolina voters to join New Hampshire in making history by choosing him to take on the president.

At his victory party in the New Hampshire primary, Mitt romney celebrated the moment.

“Tonight we made history!” he said to the cheering crowd.

“This state has always been a very special place for our family. Ann and I have made a home here, we filled it with great memories of our children, and our grandchildren. The Granite State moment we just enjoyed is one we’ll always remember.”

Speaking on CNN minutes after the polls closed, Jon Huntsman said that “all eyes are on South Carolina.” Huntsman further added that he thinks there are “three tickets out of New Hampshire.”

“Where we stand right now is a solid, comfortable position,” he added. “We go south from here.”

New Hampshire primary winner Mitt Romney is expected to address supporters soon. We’ll have live video as soon as it becomes available.